April, 2018

These Sinks Rock

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Designers are always looking for unique elements in the room plans they put together, and while lustrous kitchen islands, decorative walls, and statement lighting are often focal points, don’t overlook the brilliant qualities of the place where you wash your hands and do the dishes.

A Classic Sink

Everyone loves a farm sink. They’re big, deep, purpose-built kitchen tanks, that naturally call attention to themselves with their timeless shape and form meets function look. Like a professional grade gas stove, they seem to represent all that people like about a good kitchen. Modern interpretations of them can be seen in myriad designs of trough and open sink types that have been de rigueur in modern bathrooms and kitchens for the last several years.

That said, often modern sinks are pre-fabricated fixtures, allowing no size customization and are constructed of “engineered” stone or glass which are vulnerable to nicks, chips, stains, etching and staining. It’s a little heartbreaking to fall in love with your cool, modern sink, only to see it start to look beat up within the first year that you’ve had your renovation.



With Modern Aesthetics

What if your kitchen or bathroom sink is as attention grabbing as the fabulous lighting that hangs in the middle of the room yet is as solid and rugged as a classic farm sink? Something that is extremely customizable, wear resistant, and actually looks better as it ages?

Something that looks just as fantastic as the most beautiful backsplashes, islands and decor touches in the house? If this sounds interesting, consider a custom fabricated soapstone sink from Garden State Soapstone ™.

Made from gorgeous natural stone, the standard construction of our sinks are tongue and groove (mitered)/dadoed and epoxied together, with bottoms that are pitched to a drainhole located at the sinks center or desired location. All are customized to your specifications and measurements and can be matched or complimentary to any design aspects in your space, including custom fabricated backsplashes, runnels & drainboards to complement and enhance your sink.



Natural Old World Durability

Are you old enough to remember the old Sampsonite Luggage commercials that featured someone dropping a suitcase off of the top of a tall building, or chimpanzees in a zoo cage beating the hell out’ve the suitcases to no ill effect? Well, if a stone material used for kitchen and bathroom applications were the equivalent of those suitcases, it would be soapstone. Soapstone has a legendary reputation for durability. It’s incredibly resistant to extreme temperatures and it’s an impermeable material. It’s resistant to acids and doesn’t require any kind of sealer, which is a particular plus as any scratching on the material can be lightly sanded and buffed out by a professional and restored quite easily to it’s original look.
It’s also sustainable. Soapstone is a natural stone that can be extracted with sustainable quarrying methods. It doesn’t need disruptive blasting or chemicals. Varieties like Churchill and Old Dominion Soapstone are quarried in Virginia, creating a smaller carbon footprint for your countertop.




Finally, soapstone lasts forever.

No matter what style or trend, soapstone can be used in traditional or rustic homes, to contemporary and modern. Soapstone has been used for thousands of years, and it’s here to stay. So that gorgeous new stone sink of yours ain’t going anywhere.

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