September, 2020

Celebrating Fall in Your Kitchen

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Since we’re all spending more time at home this fall, making your kitchen into a space you love has become more important. Simple solutions make it easier to serve school-break snacks and gather for game time when we’re not out at soccer or football games.

Make Room to Gather

Everyone gathers in the kitchen. While that’s always true during a party, the kitchen becomes the center of your home for every-day life, too. Build some family activities into your school routine to make your kitchen a fun place to be this fall.

Baking Together

Fall is everyone’s favorite season to start baking, and the extra treats make your home more enjoyable when you’re stuck inside. When your family starts to get bored, try a new apple recipe or taste test until you find the best chocolate chip cookie. 

Soon, your kids will become more confident in their baking skills, and you get to enjoy the results of their work. Just remember to teach them to clean up while the treats are baking in the oven, so the mess doesn’t get out of control!

fall kitchen décor and baking supplies


After sitting at a computer all day, your students may need a change of scenery for their homework and study sessions. Leave some space at your kitchen island for homework (they’ve probably worked there before!), so they can easily ask questions, or you can ask about what they’re learning while preparing dinner.

Start a New Tradition

You may have lost some traditions this school year (morning soccer games and evening rehearsals), but that doesn’t mean you can’t create new ones in your kitchen.

Whether that’s perfecting the toppings for homemade popcorn and planning a weekly movie night, Friday night pizza parties, or Saturday morning waffles, find what makes your family most excited. Give your family something to look forward to so the days don’t blend together.  

Easy Cleaning Solutions

Cleanliness has become top priority in most households over the past few months, and even more as we approach the winter months. But with more time at home and more time cooking, families need easy cleanup options to make the time more enjoyable.

Eliminate Harsh Chemicals

Keep your family safe while keeping your space clean with sustainable cleaning products. Using simple items from around your kitchen like vinegar and baking soda, you won’t need to stock up on cleaning supplies. Castile soap and essential oils give your kitchen a fresh scent, and some encourage productivity for afternoon homework sessions. 

Choose Reusable Supplies

Looking for a way to avoid frantically hoarding paper towels? Using reusable towels around your home! Keep your towels white with a gentle, but effective cleaner like OxiClean. Once you get over the initial transition, you’ll find you wasted so much paper before, and you’ll never look back.

Ready to Renovate?

After all your attempts to make the best of it, your kitchen may need a renovation to be truly functional. Choose sustainable, durable soapstone or slate countertops to complete your vision. Visit our showroom and learn about the variety of options to make your kitchen the best place it can be for your family this fall.