Soapstone Tile

About Soapstone Tile

Our soapstone tile is light/dark grey with natural white veining, a beautiful look for any flooring. Soapstone will darken and age naturally over time.

Soapstone's unique mineral composition means it won't crack when its subject to rapid changes in temperature. Our soapstone is an excellent choice with under-floor heating systems. Soapstone tile combined with in-floor radiant heat can warm your room efficiently. Soapstone has a silky texture and holds heat, feeling comfortable on your bare feet.

Soapstone tile is an excellent choice for bathrooms, shower or spa surrounds, fireplace surrounds or hearths. 

Garden State Soapstone ™ also stocks Mosaic 1” x 1” and 2” x 2”. Soapstone mosaic tiles are perfect for kitchen backsplashes and bath tub surrounds.

Our tiles come in a standard 3/8" thickness (except where noted) in the following sizes:

Soapstone Tile Inventory

Stock Tile Size - Contact for Pricing

24" x 24" x 3/4"

12" x 24"

12" x 12" 

12" x 6"

Mosaic tile special order

2" x 2" (Mosaic)

1" x 1" (Mosaic)
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Churchill Soapstone 12"x12"