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Soapstone Wax & Oil


Recommended by Soapstone Professionals

" Simply the Best "

After many years of testing and research, Garden State Soapstone ™ developed simply the best, natural and organic soapstone wax and soapstone oil.

" The Original" soapstone wax & " The Original " soapstone oil is all natural and organic. Our soapstone wax & soapstone oil accelerates and enhances the natural beauty of soapstone.

  • Eliminates the need for frequent oiling
  • A completely food-safe blend of natural oils and waxes including: Grapeseed Oil, Safflower Oil, Elderberry Fruit Extract
  • Soapstone wax includes Carnauba Wax
  • Food grade ingredients, safe for food preparation surfaces
  • Eco friendly 100% natural
  • Our Soapstone Wax and Soapstone Oil eliminates soapstone countertop maintenance
  • Our soapstone wax & soapstone oil permanately darkens soapstone

How to Apply

With a clean, soft cloth, apply " The Original " soapstone wax & soapstone oil in a circular motion to the entire countertop. With a second, clean, soft cloth, buff the entire countertop until it feels dry to the touch.

Use " The Original " soapstone wax & oil as often as you like to refresh, maintain, and protect your soapstone countertops. " The Original " soapstone wax & oil enhances the beauty of soapstone's natural patina.

Check out this video...Wax vs. Oil ...

Made in USA

"I had to write to tell you how amazed I am with your soapstone wax.
First, let me say that my background is in architectural and interior
design, so I am very picky and meticulous.
I moved into a new home and decided again to install soapstone counter
tops.  I love soapstone and had countertops, walls and even the floor
(the floors were never treated) in my old home's kitchen.  I was using
linseed oil, but trying to keep it looking clean and unblemished was
such pain.  I was oiling the countertops about once week; sometimes
more.  Even a spot of water would leave a stain.  Still, I thought
soapstone to be worth the extra maintenance. So, I tried another brand
of soapstone wax and although it was easy to apply, it proved to be no
better than linseed oil.
When moving into my new home (a 1910 arts and crafts in Bryn Mawr), I
renovated the kitchen and decided on using soapstone again, but I was
also regretting the constant maintenance.  Then I came upon your
soapstone wax video on YouTube.  I decided to give it a shot in place
of the oil.  Well, first of all, it does take effort to apply the
initial application as it is a hard wax and I had to work in small
areas at a time; it took awhile.  In fact, in the beginning I thought
I had made a mistake, but I did persevered and used your wax on all
the countertops then allowed them to dry and hand buffed them.
WOW!!!! What difference!  Forget linseed oil or any other soapstone
Here's what I learned about your product:
1: First of all, the soapstone takes on such a beautiful, rich sheen,
no "wet" oily areas (tell me if that's not an ugly sight).  In fact,
the stone looks so uniform and rich that many professionals in the
trade swore that I installed honed black marble.
2: It feels natural and smooth.
3: Most important: Your wax is so durable!  Anything that sits on the
counters--water, oil--anything-just wipes off leaving not a single
blemish. In fact, in the beginning I was like a dictator telling my
girlfriend to immediately wipe off any water thoroughly as I feared
for those damn water spots. (Although even wiping water immediately on
oiled soapstone just leaves smears.)
Last week I had my walls tiled; I'm sure you're well aware the mess
installing tiles on a wall makes.  After the tile was installed, I
waited the next day to wipe off the dried thin-set and grout from the
stone, figuring that I would have to wash down the tops and reapply
the wax.  You can imagine my amazement!  All that mess hardly made a
blemishI  In fact, I'm not sure if you know this, but even silicon
leaves a blemish on oiled stone. I discovered this when one time I
tried using silicon mats next to my sinks to protect the stone from
water spots. Surprisingly it was like the silicon absorbed the oil,
leaving the area almost bare.  It was so effected that I used these
matts just once and stored them away.  With your wax, these silicon
matts leave no marks at all.  Whats more, I waxed the counters again
after the mess from tiling, not because they needed it, I just
couldn't believe they never lightened or left hardly a blemish--all
they truly needed was just a bit of touch up hare and there.
Summation: Though the initial application takes a bit of effort, the
results are far more that worth it!  I cannot believe how beautiful
and how well your soapstone wax protects and maintains a luxurious
look and feel.  I have been telling everyone about your product
including my countertop fabricator, contractors, tile installers,
architects and interior designers.
Please!  Never change your formula!  Your wax is worth every penny; no
ifs, ands, or buts!"
-John V.


"Jay, I love the wax! It has made me fall in love with my soapstone counters again (I've had them for about 6 years)! I waxed them immediately after getting the product in the mail. I haven't waxed them since and they still look great. No more splotchy oil marks (even after wiping them with a paper towel) and oil transfer to what ever I set on the counter, and the color is consistent even aroung the sink despite the water splashes. Love it!!! Thank you for making such a great product."

- Gina M.

"Love the oil!  A while back, after I ran out of what Jay gave us, I tried to order it and it was back ordered, so I tried someone else's product.  There was NO comparison!  I don't know how there can be such a big difference with such simple ingredients, but there is.  Our beautiful soapstone countertops look rejuvinated and happy!"

-Janet & Robert

Soapstone Wax
Soapstone Oil