More People are Choosing Slate Table Tops, Slate Countertops and Slate Sinks.

Slate is an incredible building material, known for its durability, natural beauty, and versatility. The natural colors, textures, and inherent qualities of slate are in tune with today’s lifestyles with warmth, elegant charm, and easy maintenance. Slate is a metamorphic stone with very distinctive properties and performance criteria. Slate counter tops, slate table tops, and slate sinks are just a few examples of how genuine slate may be used. We offer slate countertops slate top tables and slate sinks in a variety of colors such as green, mottled purple, red, black, and grey to enhance any design. Depending on the slab, the grain type and pattern of slate can vary. Some slates, have a distinctive highly textural look while other slates exhibit very little graining whatsoever. Our slate countertops are a matte honed finish. As a result, one can enjoy the smooth satin texture that creates a warm aesthetic. Unlike other stones, our matte honed finish will enhance any design aesthetic, creating a space everyone can enjoy.

Slate countertops are available in shades of grey, black, green, red, and purple.

Slate countertops and slate top tables are an alternative to granite.

Why Choose Natural Slate for Countertops?

Slate counter tops, slate table tops and slate sinks are another option when designing a kitchen. One of the best qualities of our slate is its extremely low absorption rate. Since it is non-porous, it is easy to sanitize and will not damage or stain from exposure to acids such as lemon juice or wine. Our natural slate products are not only anti-bacterial but also stain resistant, noncombustible and unmatched in strength and durability. It is easy to maintain and scratches can be simply removed with a sponge during normal cleaning. For deeper scratches, wet very fine steel wool can make them disappear. Slate offers these necessary properties in a counter top, making it a perfect option for your kitchen design.

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We use slate quarried in Portugal, Brazil, and Vermont. Slate top tables are durable and require little maintenance.

We install slate countertops for kitchens in the NJ, NY, Long Island, CT, PA, and DE area.