Wood Countertops

Wood countertops add premium design elements to create a unique and rich feel to any style kitchen.

Exotic woods contrast perfectly with stainless steel, clear glass and natural stone commonly found in modern kitchens, softening their overall appearance with traditional, timeless appeal.

Wood surfaces go beyond the traditional butcher block. We provide and install custom countertops throughout the kitchen and home, especially islands, eating areas and bar tops.

Wood can be both contemporary and traditional, and like soapstone, is looks better as it patinas.

Wood countertops give kitchens and bathrooms a quality, classic ambiance which never goes out of style.


  • Large islands (up to 16′ long and over 7′ wide) without seams
  • Thicknesses from 1 1/4″ to as much as 7″
  • Unsupported overhangs of 15″ to even 30″
  • Carved inside corners to achieve a true furniture look
  • Grain, colors, and textures showing “movement”
  • Unique corners using grain direction
  • Eye catching combinations of:
    • Color and tone using different wood varieties
    • Distinct shapes with complex edge profiles
    • Contrast and balance using other surface materials


See examples of the various species below: