Cooking on Soapstone: Soapstone Pizza!

Cooking on Soapstone: Soapstone Pizza

Having a hard time finding the extra money in your budget to eat out or order in? We have a solution – Try a Soapstone Pizza Stone!

Soapstone Pizza Stone

Pizza stones are becoming more and more popular.  Since soapstone and will withstand temperatures over twice that of cast iron and other metal cookware. The strength and natural beauty of soapstone, as well as its natural heat conduction and retention properties make it an extremely versatile cooking and serving tool.

Soapstone Grilling Stone

Because of it’s natural properties, soapstone does not stain. Once heated, soapstone will radiate heat for hours.

Soapstone PizzaPizza

I recently had a client come to me overjoyed with how our soapstone did wonders for her pizzas so I had to share this with you.  She informed me that the bake time went from over 6 min down to 3 min and 40 seconds, and the quality and crispness of the crust is far better than it was before. The soapstone is largely responsible for the good crust spring that you see in the photos.

It will save you money and great bonding time for the family! Plus, who doesn’t love pizza?? If you are interested contact me at

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April, 2011

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