Why Choose Soapstone or Slate

Friday October, 2022

At Garden State Soapstone, we love natural materials everywhere in your home. Soapstone and slate have characteristics that translate into benefits for every room in your house, from the kitchen to bathrooms to your patio. For Your Kitchen:  Natural stone is always a popular choice for a kitchen, but homeowners often overlook soapstone and slate… Continue reading Why Choose Soapstone or Slate

Fall Must-Haves for Your Kitchen

Thursday October, 2022

With shorter days and busy school schedules, fall is when everyone wants to relax and get their homes ready for winter. Beautiful weather has us dreaming of foliage road trips and spending time outside in cozy layers. If fall is your favorite season, make sure you’re including these things in your kitchen for a full  … Continue reading Fall Must-Haves for Your Kitchen