Fall Must-Haves for Your Kitchen

With shorter days and busy school schedules, fall is when everyone wants to relax and get their homes ready for winter. Beautiful weather has us dreaming of foliage road trips and spending time outside in cozy layers. If fall is your favorite season, make sure you’re including these things in your kitchen for a full  

Wooden Accents 

During the fall, we always want to embrace all things cozy, and wood textures around the home really help that feeling! You can decorate with cutting boards and use wooden spoons for your regular serving tools. The Wood Serving Boardsmake a great centerpiece for your appetizer table or fill it with candy for a grown-up Halloween party.

When grocery shopping, pick up your charcuterie favorites, so you’re always ready to host a cozy gathering this time of year. We have some ideas in this blog post.


Nothing smells like fall more than a pumpkin candle. 

One way to make memories is by choosing a signature scent for the season or the year in particular. You know that when you smell a certain perfume, you’re instantly transported back to those days when you or a friend wore it. The same is true with the scents in your home. If you keep a smell going all season, your children will have those memories of fun seasons when they smell those candles as adults. 

Baking supplies

What is it about fall that we suddenly start baking more? Make sure you have everything you need for a Crockpot Apple Cobbler when you return from the orchard with your fresh apples. Your house will smell delicious, and your friends or family will be in a cozy spirit.

Check your pantry and make sure you have enough cinnamon, brown sugar, and other necessary ingredients to start making your fall favorites.


You may have Halloween candy by the end of the season, but fall is a great time to keep a bowl of caramels or chocolates on the counter. If you don’t have time to keep baked goods stocked, you’ll still be able to encourage conversation in the kitchen with treats and tea available. And if you pick more neutral candies, they double as decoration. 

Don’t forget to pull out a bowl specifically for candy, because we know your kid’s Halloween bucket isn’t going to match your fall aesthetic.

Cozy Beverages 

While we know apple cider is a must for the season, don’t forget to try some syrups for your coffee or some seasonal tea flavors to serve guests. Even a new creamer flavor can get you in the festive spirit to enjoy the season even more.

Fall Kitchen Renovations

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, consider soapstone countertops or tiles for a warm and natural take on your décor. The dark colors look great with white cabinets, and any seasonal decorations will still coordinate well. As a tile floor, soapstone naturally retains heat well to keep your toes warm in the colder months. But when used as a countertop, soapstone also resists heat, so it won’t crack or burn when you place hot pots or pans directly on the surface.

If you’re considering a soapstone, slate, or wood countertop for your kitchen renovation, call Garden State Soapstone to visit our showroom and see all the options!

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October, 2022

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