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We’re ending the day with some kitchen inspiration! When designing/remodeling a kitchen, it can often be very overwhelming with all the different appliances, materials, and finishes. I came across a great article from KOHLER on how to bring your own inspiration into kitchen design. If you want to transform your kitchen into a room that fits you personally, here are some of the highlights I found helpful:

A solid foundation
Staying true to the architecture of your home is always a good bet. Let the style, lines and moldings guide your choices for materials and general design aesthetic.

“Stick with the underpinnings of your home’s architectural influences [and] let that serve as a foundation,” suggests Bethany O’Neill of Classic House Interiors in Naples, FL. “But no need to be a purist. There’s a place for eclectic, and that can make for a more interesting space that people want to discover.”

In other words, stay true to the spirit of your home, but add your own personal twist.

kitchen inspiration

Let travel be your guide

Some of the most interesting journeys have been known to inspire culinary experiences—including kitchen design.

“People are most relaxed when they’re on vacation. And typically they’re drawn to an ideal environment so they come back with dreams of a casual respite,” explains O’Neill.

A trip can fill you with renewed inspiration and stimulation. The sights, sounds and even smells of your destination can bring new ideas to the kitchen table. For example, O’Neill mentions the Tuscan style as one that has proved popular with many of her Florida clients.

“For a while it seems everyone was escaping to Europe during the hurricane season. They’d traveled through a world that was rustic, warm and inviting and wanted to bring that home with them.”

Intricate wrought-iron accessories, marble or stone flooring and sturdy hardwood furniture are just some of the elements of this decorating style that can be successfully integrated into a kitchen project.

That said, it’s best to resist the temptation to pack up a trend or inspiration that won’t be at home in your new kitchen’s climate or environment.

“Knotty-alder doors are great in the Colorado Rockies,” O’Neill explains. “Not so much here in Florida.”

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