New Use for Potholders

Protect Your Bathroom Counters with Silicone Potholder

Check out this clever use from lifehacker

Potholder Lifehacker

Who says potholders are just for the kitchen? Silicone potholders can be used anywhere you need to protect a surface. Here, they’re being used to prevent heat marks on a bathroom counter from curling irons and other personal appliances.

Why They Come in Handy

Hot flat irons and curling irons make them a little unwieldy in the bathroom—where do you put those burning metal gadgets when you’re done using them? Unplugged blog brings us this clever solution. Silicone potholders are inexpensive and designed to withstand high heat.

You could also extend this idea to other areas of the house, like a workshop when using soldering irons.
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May, 2011

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