Cooking with Soapstone

Cooking with Soapstone

For our last blog post, we talked about outdoor kitchens, and why they’re perfect for fall. This time around, we’re going to talk a little more about soapstone as a cooking tool.

This exciting New York Times article,  which came out at the beginning of the month, details how soapstone can enhance your grilling experience, and that “soapstone in particular allows for nonstick, high-heat searing”.

Now that summer is gone, bringing in fall isn’t so bad, after all. Hosting fall parties or Thanksgiving dinner? Consider using soapstone.

Cooking with Soapstone products

The Benefits of Soapstone

At Garden State Soapstone ™, we fabricate grill tops, pizza stones, countertops, and other kitchen accessories. Even if you don’t grill, we know that soapstone can provide an amazing cooking surface. We’ve tested our pizza stones to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and thicker pieces can handle even higher temperatures – up to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. No need for such extremes, though, our 3/4″ thick pizza stone can easily be used with standard kitchen ovens.

Soapstone is also resistant to water and other liquid absorption, another reason that it’s suitable for cooking indoor and out. Other materials may warp after repeated freezing and thawing, and the fact that soapstone doesn’t is another plus if you’re grilling outdoors.

Aside from being temperature-resistant and non-porous, it’s chemically neutral. Acids that would stain other countertops will not stain soapstone- that goes for both lemon juice and tomato juice. So it’s great if you’re cooking with soapstone in your busy kitchen (if you do get a scratch on any soapstone, you can just sand it and oil it as needed). Other stones, like granite, need to be repeatedly sealed to even prevent stains.

So whether your favorite cooking sites post new recipes for fall snacks, or you’re craving something a little more interesting than a delivery pizza, or you need the perfect surface in your kitchen to get messy and stay stylish, what better material to use than soapstone?

Our favorite soapstone cooking necessities and accessories: grilling tops, pizza stones, and whiskey rocks. Check out for more!

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