Benefits of Organic Soapstone Wax and Soapstone Oil

Organic Wax and Oil: A sustainable solution for sustainable soapstone countertops.

Earlier, we had a post about care & maintenance for your soapstone countertops. Soapstone is easy to maintain because of its non-porous qualities. Soapstone should not be sealed, but should be treated and enhanced with soapstone wax and soapstone oil. Since then, we’ve had several customers ask the question, “How do I know which wax and oil to choose?”

Garden State Soapstone ™ has created its own product line of soapstone wax and soapstone oil, and we don’t mind telling you about the ingredients we use.

Soapstone Wax

Soapstone Wax – Think Organic

Organic soapstone wax and soapstone oil have several benefits. Soapstone is already a bacteria-resistant, user-friendly material. It’s a huge advantage that it does not require harsh chemicals to clean it. Your wax and oil should sustain those qualities. It should be safe for all food-preparation surfaces.

Carnauba Wax is a vegetable wax made of the leaves of the palm, and the hardest natural wax available. It’s a comparable vegan alternative to Beeswax. Carnauba Wax provides a glossy finish when buffed on soapstone. Most homeowners prefer wax, as it’s thicker and easier to control. In order for our wax to enhance soapstone, we mix in a few essential oils.

Manhattan Soapstone Wax & Soapstone Oil | NYC Quality Countertops

Soapstone Oil: Food-Safe Oil

First and foremost, we recommend food-grade oils and food-grade oil blends. Most oils made for soapstone is mineral oil, a petroleum-based substance. This is not sustainable.

But not all food-grade oils work. We’ve tested some oils that leave a sticky, greasy residue that make soapstone appear blotchy instead of enhanced. Walnut oil is one of these. Despite increased popularity, it does not optimize the look and feel of soapstone, and it’s allergenic. Additionally, do not use the common household olive oils: they will go rancid and start to smell.

Consider these: Grapeseed, Safflower, & Elderberry

Grapeseed: Grapeseed oil is healthy for consumers, easy to use on soapstone, and doesn’t leave watermarks. This oil will give your countertop a shiny, wet look when first applied, and is easy to buff.

Manhattan Soapstone Wax & Oil | Soho Quality Countertops

Safflower Oil: Safflower oil is known for its medicinal and health qualities. But of course, we’re talking about countertops! It’s an oil that has traditionally used on butcher block wood. After our tests, we discovered that it looks even better on soapstone, due to soapstone’s impervious nature. Naturally non-drying, it hydrates and enhances surfaces.


Manhattan Soapstone Wax & Oil | New York City Quality Countertops

Elderberry: Forget the bad stuff. Elderberry Extract is a natural, organic preservative.

Manhattan Soapstone Wax & Oil | NYC Quality Countertops


Wax and Oil: No Other Maintenance for Soapstone

Soapstone countertops require minimal upkeep. Waxing and oiling eliminates any additional need to maintain your countertop.

Our organic products are naturally the best way to enhance your soapstone.
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