Getting Technical: Colors of Slate Countertops

Slate Countertop Colors

Slate is formed by compressed layers of sediments under the ocean and riverbed. The heating and compression of these sediments altered the alignment of minerals, giving slate the ability to be separated into layers. It can be made into great slate countertops.

For a natural stone countertop, slate countertops are fascinating.

Slate occurs in green, grey, black, mottle purple, red, and brown varieties. If you’re wondering how all these colors occur as a natural process, look no further.

Slate tile in Hoboken | Hudson County Slate

Slate colors are formed by the presence of carbonaceous matter. Black colored slates are derived from the decay of marine organisms on ancient sea floors. Compounds of iron generate purple, green, and even red slates.

The slate of Maine, Virginia, and parts of Pennsylvania are deep blue-black in color. Virginia slates have a lustrous appearance due to their high mica content. Green, red, purple, and mottled slates derive from New York – Vermont. This region is important specifically because of its red slate, one of the few commercial deposits in the world is available here.

Slate Countertops in Hoboken | Hudson County Slate

Slates are classified according to their color stability. Slate may fade into new shades or streak within a short amount of time; slates designated as unfading are apt to maintain their original color. Other slates (20-60%) weather to soft tones of orange-brown or gray upon atmospheric exposure or due to the presence of disseminated pyrite. Color stability is not related to the stone’s durability.

How are slate countertops so perfect for both home interiors & exteriors?

Slate is organic, low-maintenance, durable, and heat resistant. These qualities insulate and lower energy cost, and the material’s permanence will enhance a building’s value. Slate can be used for tile, slate countertops, or fireplace surrounds. Slate surfaces offer low absorption rates and stain resistance. Scratches can be sanded and smoothed.

Slate Countertops in Hoboken | NJ Slate

Another thing we love about slate is its tensile strength. Standard slate is 1″ thick. Even though it’s a natural stone, it can go 12 inches with no additional support. This is great news for customers who want additional overhang on their slate countertops.

Not only does slate provide an aesthetic of natural beauty to any household, but its colors give it versatility to enhance every room.

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