Soapstone Veining

Soapstone’s Unique Veining Characteristics

When it comes to soapstone, each individual slab is unique. When it comes to the range of varieties, there are subtle to dramatic tonal and veining variations through each type.  Some slabs have dispersed and minimal veining. Other slabs have dense and dramatic soapstone veining.

How does soapstone veining occur?

Soapstone is a metamorphic rock created as a result of high levels of heat and pressure on a source rock (the protolith). Soapstone is formed by changes in the structure and composition of the igneous protolith. These changes occur at high temperature and pressure, in the presence of water. The layering within metamorphic rocks is called foliation. Undergoing pressure and physical forces, foliation creates veining movement in the stone. Different pressures and forces creates unique veining.

Soapstone consists primarily of talc with varying amounts of other minerals such like micas, chlorite, amphiboles, pyroxenes and carbonates.

When treated, these are the typical tonal and veining characteristics of each variety:


Black, with dramatic white veining.

Noir Soapstone

Noir Bathroom in Robbinsville, NJ:

New Jersey Soapstone Bathroom


Black, moderate to dramatic off-white veining and slight green hew.

PA Soapstone

PA Countertop in East Brunswick, NJ:

East Brunswick New Jersey Soapstone


Black, Minimal veining.

Churchill Soapstone

Churchill countertop in Cranford, NJ:

Churchill Soapstone in New Jersey kitchen

Mariana, Gris, Barroca

Black, White and off-white with minimal to moderate veining.

Barroca Soapstone Veining Characteristics

Mariana countertop in Freehold, NJ:

Soapstone in Freehold New Jersey


Forest dark green, dramatic white veining and small black veining.

Pacific Soapstone Veining

Pacific countertop in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn:

Pacific Soapstone in Brooklyn


Black undertones with dark green movement.

Sabon Soapstone Veining Characteristics
Sabon bathroom in Manahawken, NJ:

Sabon Bathroom in New Jersey

We can’t reiterate enough that each slab has its own, unique characteristics and toning. For more information on soapstone varieties, and to see our current stock, check out our inventory page.

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