Maintaining Marble in your Kitchen

Marble In Your Kitchen

Marble is beautiful and timeless. It brings a soft elegance that brightens up any room. Plus, the growing interest in texture has lead to an increased demand for honed, long-lasting, natural stones.

Many of our clients are wary that this material might be difficult to maintain. Though it’s one of the most appealing countertops out there, they worry that it’s not consumer friendly. However, there are simple ways to preserve and protect marble, and eliminate any worries one might have.

Maintain Your Marble


The primary way we recommend protecting your marble is by sealing. Garden State Soapstone ™ always seals it with DuPont StoneTech Sealer, that offers a generous warranty program.

Sealer not only repels stains from common spills, like coffee, red wine, and cooking oil, but provides protection against both oil and water-based stains.

DuPont StooneTech Warranty


Our Cherokee countertops are honed, making them more kitchen-friendly. Honed finishes are matte surfaces created by sanding the surface. Honed won’t show scratches as much, but does require sealing to prevent staining. Though polished finishes are shiny, they etch, scratch, and wear down with time.


Once sealed, soap and water work fine for cleaning. Mixing baking soda and water into a paste and leaving overnight helps erase stains.


Wipe up spills immediately. Don’t press hot, wet, or sharp object on the surface. Use trivets, mats, or cutting boards.

Garden State Soapstone ™ Marble Perimeters


We absolutely do!

Marble has been in use for interiors and exteriors since ancient history. As long as it is sealed, it will last forever and provide a beautiful space in your home. We’ve installed marble in entire kitchens, from islands to perimeters to backsplashes. We’ve even mixed materials and paired with soapstone perimeters, as it naturally stands out as a focal point and the dark/light contrast with veining characteristics looks elegant and timeless.

All in all, our customers have never regretted a decision to install marble.

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