Bamboo Countertops: Renewable and Beautiful

Choose Bamboo for your Wood Countertops

Whether you’re interested in a functional butcher-block countertop or unique edge profiles and finishes, wood is a wonderful material for countertops. Want a countertop that decreases your carbon footprint? Bamboo countertops are the way to go.

Bamboo is one of the strongest, most versatile plants. Its tensile strength has been compared to steel. Frequently used for building and construction material, it is renewable, and one of the friendliest resources to use.

When we think of bamboo, we first think of durability. But bamboo countertops are also beautiful, natural, and easy to maintain.

Sustainable Wood Countertops in New Jersey and NYC
Sustainable Bamboo Countertops

About Bamboo: Environmental Benefits of Bamboo Use

According to the FAO, bamboo grows quickly and can be harvested annually without depletion and deterioration of the soil. The development of bamboo can help fight deforestation, illegal logging, and forest degradation, as bamboo is one of the first pioneers occupying open spaces in degraded forests.

Bamboo plants vary in height, from one foot to over 100 feet. They grow all over the world: in the Tropics, Oceana, Africa, and in North and Central America. Bamboo thrives from tropical to temperate conditions. It’s an abundant material.

Bamboo Countertop Qualities

As a countertop material, bamboo is light to medium brown in color, with no significant change as it ages. Bamboo is harder than oak, maple, and hickory.

Options for Sustainable Bamboo Countertops
Bamboo: Parquet

Garden State Soapstone ™ has several options for bamboo countertops. These include Reclaimed Natural Bamboo, and Reclaimed Bamboo Carmelized Parquet.

New Jersey and NYC Bamboo Countertops
Bamboo: Reclaimed

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning bamboo is simple. Use warm water and soap, or mix vinegar with water.

Beyond Bamboo Countertops

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