Home Tour: New York City Soapstone

Renovating Your Home with Soapstone: New York City

Last week, we took a tour of homes throughout New Jersey. However, Garden State Soapstone ™ beautifies homes beyond the Garden State. We’ve served customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic, from Connecticut to Maryland. This week, we’ll take a tour of homes in New York City, updated with soapstone countertops fabricated and installed by Garden State Soapstone ™. Here’s a list of our favorite New York City Soapstone projects.

These homes use soapstone varieties that include Old Dominion, PA, Pacific, Gris, and Churchill. 

New York City Soapstone: Manhattan

Manhattan: Old Dominion Soapstone

Soapstone Countertop in SoHo Manhattan, New York City Soapstone
Garden State Soapstone ™ | SoHo, Manhattan

Manhattan: PA Soapstone

Garden State Soapstone ™ soapstone countertops in Manhattan, New York City Soapstone
Garden State Soapstone ™ | Manhattan

New York City Soapstone: Brooklyn

Brooklyn: Pacific Soapstone

Garden State Soapstone ™ soapstone countertop in Cobble Hill Brooklyn, New York City Soapstone
Garden State Soapstone ™ | Brooklyn

Brooklyn: Gris Soapstone

Garden State Soapstone ™ Countertop in Brooklyn, New York City Soapstone
Garden State Soapstone ™ | Brooklyn

New York City Soapstone: Queens

Queens: Churchill Soapstone

Soapstone countertop in Jackson Heights Queens
Garden State Soapstone ™ | Queens

Soapstone is perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle and a need for an attractive, sustainable, and practical living space. If a soapstone countertop scratches, it can easily be repaired and sanded down by the consumer. It’s both impermeable and heat resistant, so it doesn’t soak in moisture, is easy to clean, and hot plates and pans can be placed on surfaces without harm. There’s a reason that the demand for soapstone countertops from New York City customers is growing.

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