5 Soapstone Countertops We Love

We can’t stop talking about these 5 soapstone countertops.

1. Old Dominion Soapstone Island + Perimeter located in SoHo | Manhattan.

Placed in a beautiful NYC home, this soapstone island provides the perfect centerpiece for an already-amazing kitchen, standing out against the yellow decor and marble backsplash. It’s sleek and smooth, and ready for company to fill the room. The island is matched by perimeters also made of Old Dominion, bringing the room together.

Soapstone Island

2. These Churchill Soapstone Perimeter Countertops in Chatham | New Jersey.

If we had to show favoritism for a soapstone, it would be Churchill. Churchill is quarried right here on the East Coast, in Virginia. It has subtle veining, rather than dramatic, and looks gorgeous in this kitchen filled with light and aged wood floors.

Churchill Soapstone Perimeters

3. Bathroom Vanity Countertops with Sabon Soapstone.

We love the subtle, cool tones in this bathroom. Sabon is a unique variety of soapstone, with a completely different look than Churchill. The textures, veining characteristics, and coloring offers eye-catching appeal for any bathroom vanity. Sabon is a harder variety of soapstone, and therefore less likely to scratch, even when everyday use is a must.


4. Soapstone Countertops: Outdoors.

Summer may be over, but fall is only beginning. Soapstone is heat, moisture, and weather-proof so it’s perfect for outdoors, even as winter approaches. We love this outdoor setting especially: friends can gather around the perimeters and chat long into the evening.

Soapstone Outdoors

5. Soapstone Countertops paired with a Marble Island.

Black and white, with red decor. Nothing is more striking than pairing soapstone with marble. The two contrasting tones, each with distinctive veining characteristics, don’t clash at all. Instead, they make any space eye-catching, beautiful, and dynamic.

Soapstone with Marble Countertops

To view more soapstone countertops, visit our Project Gallery.

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