Soapstone: Not Your High School Chemistry Lab

Soapstone is a Hot Newcomer for Countertops.

This year, soapstone is in. You’ll see a lot of places referring to soapstone as “the material used in your high school chemistry lab”. While it is true, because soapstone is both heat resistant and impermeable, soapstone has gotten a little more fashionable, to say the least. Soapstone is not only a recent trend, it’s here to stay, especially compared to other popular countertop materials.

Soapstone Countertops are Beautiful
Beautiful Soapstone Countertops

Even Today mentioned how countertops must be practical and beautiful, while requiring easy maintenance and stain-resistance, and suggests that the once-popular granite does not meet those standards.

In fact, soapstone is considered an “up-and-coming countertop choice in the NKBA [National Kitchen and Bath Association].” This journal, too, advises against the mass-produced and outdated look of granite, and defines the positives and negatives for alternative materials. Not to our surprise, there are only positives associated with soapstone.

Granite Countertops are out, soapstone is in
Granite Countertops are Out!

When we read the actual NKBA article discussing soapstone, it too calls it a “hot newcomer”, addressing that there is some care and maintenance involved in the first month by using organic wax or oil on your countertops , but does not require sealer due to its impermeability. In fact, even Martha Stewart loves her soapstone countertops.

Another article suggests that contrasts provided through texture is another trend that will become a classic. “Texture on texture designs provide a beautiful contrast in the kitchen”, the article claims. “Another popular trend this year is using the same texture material” for backslashes. Aside from the practicalities that soapstone presents, soapstone also occurs naturally as light gray to charcoal gray, with beautiful, subtle veining characteristics that add texture and character to every home.

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