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This fall, Forbes posted an article describing the design and nuance of a custom triple vanity sink. We all know that a new vanity can change the entire feel of your bathroom, but typically we talk about materials, style, or even the surrounding decor when it comes to your vanity. So it was a surprise to see this article describing triple vanities.

Traditional Bathroom with Triple Vanity

Our customers often ask us how to make the most of their space. Obviously determining the design of the sink, compared to the layout of the room, is the first step. We’ve created unique, custom sinks for customers in the past, from Boston Williams to Chicago Wright, to hand-carved round vessel sinks. These sinks fit the needs of the client, while fulfilling the requirements of space and aesthetic.

Custom Sink by Garden State Soapstone ™

But is a triple vanity too much for a personal bathroom? It depends. Large families and parents with several little ones, or vanities in communal spaces and public restrooms, would benefit. But even adding this beautiful custom soapstone sink to the list, they point out, at least, the visual appeal that a triple vanity brings to a room.

Soapstone Triple Vanity

Whether you want a triple vanity or a single bowl, Garden State Soapstone ™ has crafted customized sinks for over 20 years. Interested in hearing more? Feel free to contact us with your design plan or with any questions you may have!

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October, 2016

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