What is Patina?

We frequently talk about Patina

Patina is how your soapstone naturally ages. It’s why quarried traditional soapstone, in its natural state, is light blue gray or darker grey. Typically the darker soapstone is harder, with less talc. Soapstone countertops will age (patina) or darken naturally. However this could take some time and typically is inconsistent, especially around the sink and stove areas. This is also the reason why Garden State Soapstone ™ recommends treating your soapstone with organic wax or oil. This will speed up the aging process and darken/patina the soapstone evenly.

When soapstone remains untreated, it tends to age/darken unevenly. It may appear splotchy, or light in some areas and dark in others. Some of our clients prefer this look, since it’s a completely natural process for soapstone, and adds character to the countertops.

What’s the Difference? Here are a few images.

Treated/Untreated Soapstone

Treated and Untreated Soapstone
Treated | Untreated Barroca Soapstone

Untreated Soapstone Countertops

Untreated Soapstone Patina Old Dominion
Untreated Old Dominion


Treated Soapstone Countertops

Treated Soapstone Patina
Treated Churchill Soapstone

Untreated Soapstone: Detail

Untreated Soapstone Patina


Soapstone Patina Detail

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