Thoughts on Soapstone Seams

Soapstone Seams

There’s no better way than to celebrate the holidays in style, with beautiful, sustainable soapstone countertops. And there’s never been a better time to consider remodeling with soapstone (many sources are claiming it’s the end of granite, and soapstone is taking over). With soapstone’s growing popularity, we’ve received a lot of questions about soapstone seams. Customers worry about soapstone, since it’s a natural stone with a lot of character. Their concern is that if they require a large perimeter or island, the seams will show, drawing eyes to all the wrong places in the kitchen.

Choose the Right Fabricator

Garden State Soapstone ™ knows that not all homes are the same. Islands and perimeters may be large or unique, and that shouldn’t affect the quality and beauty of your new soapstone. During the installation process, Garden State Soapstone ™ makes sure that the soapstone countertop pieces, when seamed are the perfect fit. Then Garden State Soapstone ™ prepares the seam or seams, and the sanding comes in. We take care to grind, sand, and smooth until the two pieces are virtually seamless.

Check out our recent video on soapstone seams:

Soapstone Seams Video

As a natural stone, the answer is yes, soapstone will always have its own character. Each individual slab is one-of-a-kind, with unique veining patterns and toning. The character should always represent the beauty of the stone, that stands out and draws eyes in every room. And the seams should always be one thing: invisible.

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