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Restaurants: Choose Soapstone

Soapstone is a material that’s growing in popularity. But it’s no new trend. For tens of thousands of years, soapstone has been used for cooking, baking and eating. Even right here in New Jersey, soapstone as a tool dates to 12,000 years ago, when it was once used for baking in Native American fishing communities.

Soapstone is both beautiful and functional. It gives restaurants a touch of elegance and style without the worry.

Soapstone is popular for chefs, restaurants, and food lovers due to its durability, impermeability, and temperature-resistant qualities. This is because soapstone is unaffected by spills or heat. If it scratches, its can be easily sanded by the consumer without requiring any professional repairs. It doesn’t stain or require harsh chemicals to clean it. Now, restaurants all over the country are catching on.

Restaurants all over the country are turning to soapstone. Check out just a few of them:

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte NC Restaurant Soapstone

Charlotte Observer – December, 2016

Houston, TX

Houston, TX Restaurant

Houston Eater – October, 2016

Boston, MA

Boston Restaurant Soapstone

Boston Globe – October, 2016

Washington, DC

Washington DC Restaurant Soapstone

Washington DC – Zagat – October, 2016

Maui, HI

Maui Restaurant Soapstone

Maui – Pacific Business News – June, 2016

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Restaurant Soapstone

San Francisco Weekly – August, 2016

New York, NY

New York City Restaurant Soapstone

New York City – Interior Design – August, 2016

Nashville, TN

Nashville Restaurant Soapstone
Nashville – Polycor – August, 2016

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