Edge Detail: What’s the Difference?

Countertop Edge Detail: What’s the Difference?

Before choosing a countertop, there are a few questions you’ll need to ask. The first is a big one: material. What type of countertop works best for your home? The next question is finish. Our soapstone and slate come in a natural, honed finish. Our wood countertops are protected with a Tung-oil finish. Then you’ll want to choose your edge detail. Edge detail is a small design element that makes a big impact on your project. The right edge will bring together the design of the room.

With soapstone countertops, we offer a standard eased edge .

  • Eased edge details create a clean, authentic style for traditional soapstone countertops.
    eased edge detail
  • A beveled edge is an edge cut along the top at a 45 degree angle.

bevel edge detail

For our wood countertops, we’ve partnered with Craft-Art to incorporate a wide variety of wood species and designs. In addition to eased edge and beveled edge, there are options ranging from classic ogee edge to a beaded waterfall to a roman ogee. Each edge offers a broad range of looks that create a unique wood countertop that fits your home.

Other Edge Detail: Decorative Molding and Trim

For a range of installations, like fireplaces and tile flooring or even custom sinks, Garden State Soapstone ™ offers additional edge and molding options: bullnose, base molding, and decorative molding. These can be stacked, meaning more than one type can be used to create add an ornate aesthetic to a home.

It’s important to consider these options if you’re renovating more than one room or incorporating a natural stone in several parts of the house. These trims and moldings tie designs together while showcasing the stone’s natural qualities.

  • A bullnose has a round, smooth edge.


  • Base molding is perfect for homes that have natural stone tile flooring and fireplaces.

    base molding

  • Our decorative soapstone molding incorporates a unique design.


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