Introducing: White Cherokee Marble

New: Marble.

Garden State Soapstone ™ Introduces Honed White Cherokee Marble.

Cherokee Marble has light grey veining across the stone’s surface. While it complements any of our Soapstone colors, it’s great for kitchen countertops, islands, or bathrooms.

It’s been said that White Cherokee Marble is characterized by a soft blend of shimmering white crystals and gently brushed with subdued, light grey veining that softly skims across the surface. It possesses an unsurpassed, timeless brilliance.  Its fine calcite grains and its light-toned, distinctive veining will add a luminescence to your room unlike any other stone.

From the homes of ancient Greece, to the United States Capitol, to contemporary apartments in the city, marble never goes out of style.

Love marble, but need to know more? Garden State Soapstone ™ has a few tips.

Cherokee Marble: Sealing

The primary way we recommend protecting your marble is by sealing. Garden State Soapstone ™ always seals it with DuPont StoneTech Sealer, which offers a generous warranty program.

Sealer not only repels stains from common spills, like coffee, red wine, and cooking oil, but provides protection against both oil and water-based stains.

Cherokee Marble: Recent Projects

Check out our recent project using White Cherokee Marble:

cherokee marble at garden state soapstone

cherokee marble at garden state soapstone

cherokee marble at garden state soapstone

Our Recommendation: Pair it with Soapstone

Marble looks even more beautiful when paired with the natural, dark tones of soapstone. Both have unique and subtle veining characteristics that complement instead of clash. The growing interest in texture has lead to an increased demand for honed, long-lasting, natural stones.

Marble and Soapstone at Garden State Soapstone ™

More On Marble

Cherokee Marble in particular has qualities of a low absorption rate and high density. With a stronger durability than most types of marble, it is an excellent choice for a kitchen or bathroom.  Use coasters and trivets, and avoid any acidic or harsh cleaners. It’s important to always try and clean up water stains and spills as soon as possible. It doesn’t need the time-consuming care that most customers expect!

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