Time to Renovate?

Is It Time for a Renovation?

Are you looking for the right moment to renovate? If so, how do you know what that moment is? Whether your kitchen and bathroom is making your house look dated, or maybe too many things need repairs, here are some tips on the renovation you’ve dreamed of.

In terms of a renovation, kitchens are usually a priority. Not only are they the hubs of a home, but a kitchen renovation can bring up the resale value. Bathrooms are next in line.

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Renovate: Outdated Appliances

As Chicago’s Daily Herald put it:

“Walk into a 1950s bathroom, for example, and you will find a free-standing sink with two skinny little chrome legs, small squares of heavy tiles three-quarters of the way up all the walls and a standard tub. Walk into a 1990s bathroom, on the other hand, and it will generally be a much larger room featuring a whirlpool tub surrounded by a tile deck, a stall shower and a double sink vanity. Tile will generally be confined to the shower and tub areas and to the floor.”

Renovate: When to Be Trendy

If your appliances, colors, and choices are clearly from another decade, then maybe it’s time. It’s important to remember that classic and traditional renovations should be your first go-to. The accessories and decor can always match current trends. This will prolong the life of your renovation.

Style at Home says, “Trends are for accessorizing, not for renovating. A rule of thumb for renovating is that doing a high-quality job in a classic style is exactly that: classic. If you invest in quality finishes now, you won’t regret it.”

Popular renovations range from additions, to bathrooms and kitchens, to flooring. Or, you might want to create an open space. Changing the layout of your home, however, can become a big portion of your budget, and leave little room for other changes.

Renovate: Efficiency

Other times, a renovation can be based on efficiency and a general assessment by an inspector.

SFGate has a few other tips. “If you’re renovating so you can stay in your home for a longer period of time without systems breaking down, your approach is different than if you’re renovating to get a higher price when you eventually sell. Analyze your reasons, needs and how much money you have for the renovations before you put your plan into effect.”

An inspector can check your house completely, from basement to roof to attic. Learn the results before you decide what, when, and how to renovate.

“If you’re going to upgrade your bathrooms, be sure your plumbing can tolerate increasing pressure and usage. Repairing leaky fixtures, damaged flooring and improper ventilation results in lower water bills. If they’re not repaired and you’re selling the house, the problems will be pointed out by the buyer’s inspector.”

Renovate: Consider Everything!

Whether you’re renovating for efficiency, for necessity, or for style, it’s important to consider all the elements of the home. Lean towards classic over trend, and consider materials that will last forever. Check contractors, references, and facts before you get started. Your right moment to renovate could be right now.

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