June, 2017

Soapstone: Versatile Home Style

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Soapstone: Versatile Home Style

One thing we love about soapstone is that it has been around forever. In fact, soapstone artifacts have been found that date back tens of thousands of years. Soapstone’s impermeability and heat-resistant qualities make it a historic and a traditional tool for baking. Flash forward, soapstone is now used for all sorts of applications, from countertops to, masonry heaters to fireplace surrounds or hearths to tile to baking stones. It’s also the perfect, versatile natural stone for any home style.

When it comes to applications like countertops, sometimes the choice of material gets tricky. Countertops must fit the style of the house. Some styles are modern, others classic, others rustic and traditional. Many countertops just don’t translate into different styles. You most likely wouldn’t put marble in a traditional home. Additionally, you most likely wouldn’t put an earthy material like slate in a classic home.

But Soapstone Paints a Different Picture.

Soapstone Home Style in Manhattan

Garden State Soapstone ™ in a Manhattan Loft

Soapstone Home Style in New Jersey

Garden State Soapstone ™ in Sparta, NJ


Soapstone is a natural stone, and no two slabs are unique. It’s tones range from light gray to dark black, some with hints of green. Soapstone is characterized with unique veining patterns, running white throughout the slab, some with light veining, others, like noire, with heavy veining characteristics. It’s an easy choice for an eye-catching countertop.

Soapstone Veining Home Style

Soapstone Veining Home Style

Because of these characteristics, soapstone can be paired with almost any other material. It complements white marble with dark veining. It adds a durable, eye-catching centerpiece for a country home made mostly of wood. Finally, it adds a sleek appearance to home with elegant, classical designs that never go out of style.

Always In Style

The most important element is that no matter how your home is designed, soapstone never goes out of style. The most popular reason why customers choose soapstone is because they see a return on investment. Their home will increase in value. Moreover, should they decide to do a renovation down the road, soapstone will be the piece that stays.

Soapstone Home Style

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