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A New Design for Soapstone Products

Soapstone Products (, the sister page to Garden State Soapstone ™, has recently undergone a major transformation.

Soapstone Products Design

On this page, you’ll find our usual products, like pizza stones and pizza peels. But you’ll also find multiple viewpoints of images, interactive zooms, and expanded descriptions of what our pizza stones are all about.

Soapstone Products Views

Easy to Customize

Garden State Soapstone ™ and Soapstone Products have always offered custom soapstone pizza stones. Now, however, it’s easier.

There are two options: custom round pizza stones, and custom square pizza stones. All you have to do is fill out some information in advance to receive the price. The form includes dimensions, size, and location so we can immediately get back to you with a price and shipping costs.

Here is the form you can fill out for a custom soapstone pizza stone:

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 10.30.45 AM

It’s important to remember that soapstone pizza stones aren’t just for pizza! In addition to delicious, fresh, and crispy pizza, soapstone is perfect for grilling veggies, baking bread, and cooking steaks, chicken, burgers, and more.

New: Organic Wood Oil

Garden State Soapstone ™, Slate & Wood Countertops, and Soapstone Products offer our Original Soapstone Wax and Oil. This wax and oil is organic, contains food-safe ingredients, and contains no odor or taste. Our organic, original soapstone oil eliminates soapstone countertop maintenance and permanently darkens or ages soapstone to enhance the natural beauty of soapstone.

Now, after many years of testing and research, Garden State Soapstone ™, Slate & Wood Countertops, has developed a wood oil. Our Original Wood Oil was formulated to nourish and enhance wood surfaces. Like our wax and oil, it is all natural and completely organic, with food safe ingredients that are safe for all food preparation surfaces.

Available in two sizes, it can be purchased at

wood oil soapstone products

A Special Deal for Readers

For a limited time, enter code NEW10 to take 10% off your new pizza stone!


We hope you enjoy our new, easy-to-use, interactive website! For questions and comments, contact us at For the same great countertops from Garden State Soapstone ™, visit

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