The Rise of Mixed Materials in Modern Kitchens

The new millennium has brought with it a penchant for mixed materials, as much in fashion as in interior design. Uniform and cold minimalism have given way to an era of greater expressivity, in which styles and materials are freely blended for greater vivacity. The warmth of wood has made a big comeback, but once again, in modern homes, uniformity of materials is less favored than avante-garde kitchen designs in which countertops, sinks, equipment, walls, flooring and ceilings display more than one color and often, more than one material. Therefore, you might consider blending soapstone countertops with wood, or slate countertops with metal, concrete, and other materials that can add more pleasing aesthetics to your kitchen space.

Metallics Make a Comeback

Metallic furniture and equipment displays, once characteristic of countryside or traditional kitchens, are warming up interior ambiences with clever touches that complement each other. The passion for a fusion of metallic hues can be attributed in no small part no modern jewelry design, which has seen a plethora of pieces bearing three tones of gold (white, yellow, and rose gold). These elements can be viewed in kitchen designs in subtle and seemingly unrelated ways. Thus, central kitchen islands in marble or wood may be combined with soapstone countertops in addition to stools with copper-hued legs, hoods may be a shiny silver, while pendant lights or lights hanging in a row above islands or countertops may bear a warm golden shade.

Eclectic Furniture Choices

Eclecticism is also making its way into furniture choices. Although light and earthy tones such as white, marble, and dark wood are holding sway in modern, youthful kitchens filled with light, there is often a varied range of materials on flooring, countertops, and walls. The cool grey of concrete, protected by sealants for extra sturdiness, is finding its way into walls, overhead features, and furniture. Grey works beautifully with marble, which often contains grey designs that are picked up by concrete features. Designer kitchens are also displaying a blend of wood and marble, sometimes with additional materials such as soapstone countertops or sinks graced with marble splashbacks.

Diverse Materials as a Natural Division

Larger kitchens in contemporary kitchens are often divided into zones. They will sometimes occupy a corner of the kitchen bearing its own mini island and stool set, for the purpose of enjoying coffee, Champagne, or other gourmet items. The choice of a completely different material for the furniture in this corner is an excellent way to differentiate it from its surroundings. In a dark grey or black kitchen, metallics work very well to add a flash of light. A slate countertop in a hue like white or eggshell can provide a nice contrast for your gourmet corner if the rest of your kitchen is dark.

Cool minimalism has found its perfect match in color and material blends that yearn for greater warmth. If you are designing your own kitchen, think of how metallics or different materials might work together. Sometimes, just one furniture piece in a different style can change the ambience in your kitchen from blah to bright.

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October, 2018

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