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There’s no denying that a slate sink makes a striking first impression in your kitchen. The color options and custom design will be a focal point of the space. However, appearance alone isn’t the only reason to go with slate.

Design Variety

Slate has a variety of colors and patterns, from the neutral black and grey to muted greens and purples. Many kitchen designers choose a farmhouse-style when planning a slate sink because it will display the unique color more fully.

Each slab is slightly different, so you can choose a slab based on how much or little graining it contains. While some homeowners may feel this sink is more rustic, when you combine this custom, dark-colored sink with modern cabinets, your style becomes more sophisticated.

Because these sinks are custom-made, we start with your dimensions and can create the perfect sink depth, mounting (farmhouse, undermount, or otherwise), and even drain location. We’ve also designed smaller sinks for bathroom installation, made of a solid block with a smooth basin, instead of the deeper requirements for a kitchen sink.

Naturally Cleaner

Like soapstone, slate is naturally antibacterial because it is non-porous. The stone will not stain or rust from liquids, keeping your sink looking beautiful all the time. Because of the natural features of the stone, you only need to use gentle cleaners on the sink.


This stone has a higher Moh’s Scale rating at 5.5 out of 10. More importantly, it stands up to high heats, so you can put hot pans into your sink without concern of damage or cracking. Some have even described the stone as bulletproof.

With great scratch-resistance, you don’t need to worry about children or family members dropping utensils directly into the sink. Because of their high durability, some homeowners have been able to restore and reuse older slate sinks in the interest of sustainability.

Install a Slate Sink Outdoors

Building an outdoor kitchen? Many homeowners already consider a slate countertop for their outdoor kitchen and grill area, but a slate sink completes the look. The matte honed finish of our slate sinks adds a soft, satin touch

Because the sink is a custom size, you can easily make it smaller to fit the dimensions and needs of your space. Outdoor kitchens typically use a sink for prepping a salad or cleaning up flower cuttings from the garden. The natural stone will work well with this aesthetic, and the durability makes it an ideal choice for the wear and tear of the outdoor spaces in northern New Jersey.

Care and Maintenance

You won’t need to use anti-bacterial cleaners or harsh chemicals in a slate sink, so easy cleanup only involves soap, water, and a rag. We apply our own organic slate oil upon installation, simply to enhance the beauty of the natural stone. However, oiling does not need to be done regularly.

While slate is highly scratch-resistant, if a scratch does occur in your sink (or the apron front of a farmhouse sink), you simply wipe with our oil to clear the scratch. If this scratch is deeper, you can use a fine-grit sandpaper or superfine steel wool (also labeled as 0000) to remove. Then simply wipe with the oil to return to its naturally beautiful surface.

Need more information about creating the perfect slate sink for your home? Call us today to start planning your custom project.

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