Dreaming of Summer: Try a Soapstone Pizza Stone

When you picture the perfect summer evening, do you envision friends on your patio while you’re grilling? Instead of the typical hot dogs and hamburgers, consider adding pizza to the menu and throw it on the grill with our custom soapstone pizza stones.
Or if you’re a true pizza lover, learn how our quarried natural pizza stone will help you create the pizza of your dreams.

Why Soapstone for your Pizza?
Soapstone holds heat better than other types of natural stone. Because of these thermal properties, your pizza will cook faster and the crust will be crispier than it would be with other manufactured pizza stones.
Your local pizzeria keeps the oven hot with a ceramic layer on the base of the oven to make that delicious crust, and you probably won’t be able to recreate that in your home oven or grill. Our stones turn every oven into a pizza oven by regulating a high, even temperature across the entire surface.
We love soapstone for a countertop because of its non-porous, anti-bacterial nature, but these features also make it ideal for cooking at home. You don’t need to worry about staining, or any flavor from the stone transferring to your meal.

More Than Just Pizza
Despite its name, you can use your soapstone pizza stone throughout your kitchen, beyond those favorite pizzas. One of our customers uses the stone for cookies and bread, as well as to help regulate the temperature in her oven! You can even use it to cook all types of meats and vegetables.

What makes the crispy crust on your pizza, also makes a crispy crust on a loaf of bread. We suggest kneading and preparing the loaf as usual, but instead of a metal loaf pan or baking sheet, place the dough directly onto the soapstone pizza stone. The loaf will bake faster because of the high temperature of the surface, but you’ll achieve a perfect crust on your bread.

Because the stone meets the temperature of the oven and stays at that temperature consistently once heated (many users check with a thermometer), it can replace your metal baking sheet for most foods.

Maintaining Your Soapstone Pizza Stone
We suggest placing the stone in the oven during the preheating time and checking the temperature of the stone before adding the uncooked pizza. Once the stone reaches the correct temperature, then you begin cooking!
Watch the pizza (or anything else you’re baking) closely, because the high temperature of the stone will help it cook faster than a baking sheet or standard pizza stone. Be careful when handling the hot stone, and use a pizza peel when possible for safety.

Be sure to wait until the stone has cooled before cleaning. Submerging the hot soapstone in cold water might cause cracking, although the ¾” thickness helps with durability.

Like a soapstone countertop, the pizza stone will not absorb any residue from the food prepared on it, so you can easily clean it with soap and water. If you need to scrape some of the residue, use a light scraper, and remember than you can easily sand out any scratches with a 120 grit sandpaper.

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May, 2019

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