5 Great Reasons to Love Slate Outdoors

As we anticipate spring and spending more time outdoors, it’s time to start thinking about all your outdoor projects, like updating your patio and walkways. Slate natural cleft pavers make a great choice outside, and a honed slate countertop can be perfect for around the grill. Here are a few of the many reasons we love using slate outside the home.

Nothing Better than a Natural Stone in Nature

When you’re designing your dream backyard, choose materials that match your surroundings. Slate not only comes in dark grey or black but also greens and reds to bring in natural color for your surroundings. You could rest natural cleft pavers in a path of smaller decorative stones for a walkway or lay them evenly in a masonry style with cement as grout. You can also even grow moss or grass between each one for a softer, organic look. 

Some homeowners prefer a sleek slate look with uniform square or rectangle pieces, while others like the organic mix of shapes and sizes. Mixed shapes will take a little more time to put together since it’s almost a puzzle to configure. But it’s up to you for the style you want in your backyard.

Slate: Extremely Durable & Easy to Repair

Natural cleft pavers, countertops, and sinks are perfect for the outdoors because of their durability. High-quality slate does not flake and does not require any sealing even outside (it’s non-porous, remember?). At Garden State Soapstone, Slate & Wood Countertops, we offer a matte honed finish or natural cleft on our slate, giving a warm, satin touch to the stone. The natural cleft texture hides any minor scratches, while also creating a slip resistance for use on walkways and paths. With honed slate, any scratches can be sanded away with starting with 120 sandpaper and finishing with 800 grit.

No Extra Protection Needed from the Elements

One of our favorite features of slate is the easy maintenance: it doesn’t need to be covered anytime during the year to be protected. Autumn leaves won’t leave stains, and freezing temps won’t cause it to crack. It also doesn’t fade or change colors when exposed to bright sun daily (unlike engineered stone surfaces). 

Everyday Fun

Another great feature of slate is how easily and effectively it cleans up. Yes, this slate is the same slate that people used for chalkboards! Don’t be afraid for your kids to decorate your walkway or slate countertop: it simply washes away with a hose or in the rain. Add a few slate steppingstones throughout your backyard, pull out the chalk crayons, and see what the kids can do with a “blank slate.”

Keep Your Walkway Clear

Avoid at least a little bit of shoveling and snowplowing with under-floor heating for slate tiles on your outdoor walkways. These stones transfer heat well, making it an excellent choice for radiant heat inside your home but also in your outdoor spaces! You’ll never worry about slipping and falling on your way to work or school again (at least in your own yard!).

Get Outside!

Garden State Soapstone Slate & Wood Countertops offers high-quality slate countertops, tiles, and sinks to build the outdoor space of your dreams. Schedule a visit to our showroom and learn more about this great material for your backyard oasis.

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April, 2021

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