4 Things to Consider for Your Outdoor Renovation

It’s time to get outdoors and maximize your space at home! Once the weather warms up, everyone in the NJ, NYC, PA, DE, MD and CT area remembers how much they love being outside! Take advantage of the entire season with an easy-to-maintain outdoor patio built with VALONGO BLACK™ slate tiles, soapstone or slate counters for an outdoor kitchen.

Get started planning those barbecues and outdoor family dinners today!

How you plan to use the space

Consider your family and friends, as well as the activities they love to do when designing this space. Maybe it’s time to finish an area for basketball because the grass isn’t as much fun for them anymore. Do you want to start a garden? Should you build raised garden beds and start growing vines on a trellis?

Some families love having an outdoor, covered space where they can watch a movie wrapped in blankets. Your friends may love having an area to play corn hole or other outdoor games.

Start writing down how you envision using the space, then map out what might realistically fit in your yard. If your space is huge and you can fit everything, it’s just a matter of finding the right spot for each activity! If you can’t fit all the components of your dream outdoor space, start prioritizing elements that make the most sense for your lifestyle.

Your climate and landscaping

When planning your patio area, consider the climate before you buy a lot of furniture. Sometimes cushions can be too much work putting them away and pulling them out again. If you don’t have much natural shading, you might want to invest in an awning over the space.

Outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are the most exciting features to design! You get to move all the hot cooking to the outdoors and enjoy the fresh produce of the season.

Soapstone or slate counters work perfectly for outdoor kitchens because they never need to be protected from the elements: they withstand freezing temperatures and don’t stain when covered with leaves in the fall. You can also design a coordinating sink for cleaning vegetables, cutting flowers, and making drinks. 

If you choose to cover this area permanently with an overhang or porch-style roof, you can include a small refrigerator and make this kitchen truly an extension of your interior living spaces.

Adding a firepit or other features

During a renovation, don’t forget the option of building a permanent firepit, adding a hot tub, or pergola-covered seating areas.

Tile the surrounding area with VALONGO BLACK™ slate or soapstone tiles for easy cleaning and maintenance. Using soapstone tile around a firepit will retain the heat and make it even warmer on chilly autumn evenings.

Garden State Soapstone, Slate & Wood Countertops can help you build the best space for the spring, summer, and fall seasons. With durable, high-quality materials, you’ll love getting outside, and cleaning will be simple. Talk to us today about how we can work together on an outdoor countertop, tiled patios, and walkways, or even building a pizza oven from soapstone remnants!

We look forward to bringing your vision to life.

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June, 2021

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