Custom Dining Tables for Entertaining

When you imagine a custom dining table, you might picture a large traditional table large enough for every family member with coordinating chairs. At Garden State Soapstone, Slate & Wood Countertops, we make beautiful, custom tables and bases with a mix of natural materials to meet the vision you have for our entertaining space.

Custom Dining Table in Soapstone, Slate, and Wood

Mixing natural materials gives your home a warm and cozy feeling, but the custom design can be as modern or traditional as you envision it. Both materials will only look better with age, giving you a piece to pass on for generations.

With a steel or wood base, we can also design custom benches to coordinate with the table choices.

Steel Custom Dining Table Frames

Soapstone or slate are a heavy stone, so we often pair the top with a steel table frame to support it sufficiently. This also creates a modern look for your dining area or kitchen through the use of dark, sleek steel and the dark patina of the soapstone or slate. However, that contemporary finish warms up as the stone develops the natural patina over time.

We’ve also mixed wood and soapstone on the tabletop with a steel base for a sleek but natural look.

Wooden Side Tables

Don’t limit your customization to the dining table! Wooden side tables make a statement in your living space, looking either rustic or modern depending on the level of finish. Bring nature indoors with a fun and practical custom option.

Benefits of a Custom Dining Table

Your custom dining table helps fulfill the vision for your home and the activities that take place inside. You get to create a unique piece that fits your space perfectly and will be passed on to your family members.

Fits your space

The main reason for designing a custom dining table is to meet your space and seating needs. If your room is an irregular shape, a custom table will allow the best use of the space. Or, if you need to fit more than the typical 6-8 chairs around the table, a custom table will give you exactly what you’re picturing.

Achieve your vision for entertaining

Do you imagine a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner with every family member at a long table? Or a tabletop that only gets softer with age? Maybe you picture a table durable enough for family crafts but still makes a statement when set for a dinner party.

Whatever your vision for entertaining in your home, Garden State Soapstone, Slate & Wood Countertops can help you achieve it with a custom dining table.

High-quality furniture

At Garden State Soapstone, Slate & Wood Countertops, we only work with the best materials to guarantee a high-quality product. While traditional soapstone is known for being a softer stone, we ensure each slab meets our standards. When you design a custom dining table, it should stand up to wear and tear. Of course, any scratches that may occur can easily be removed with light sanding and our all-natural soapstone oil.

Create an heirloom

Custom furniture can be passed down generation after generation. Sturdy furniture made with materials that stand the test of time will find its way into the homes of children and relatives. Create a dining room table that will hold the memories of family gatherings for years to come.

Garden State Soapstone, Slate & Wood Countertops designs and builds beautiful custom dining tables for kitchens, exterior use and bathrooms. With a mix of natural materials, your space will have a unique look and only get better with age Make an appointment to our showroom and start making your dining room vision a reality.

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June, 2021

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