Start Getting Organized for Back to School

Back to school season is here, and you might be attempting to reorganize the mudroom or kitchen once again. This year, think of ways you can simplify your organization instead of adding more components that won’t be used. Work with your family’s habits, when possible, instead of forcing a routine that doesn’t fit your daily lifestyle. Start implementing small fixes now, so you’re ready when things get busy.

Follow intuitive organization

Sometimes items keep piling up in the same place, and you may need to contain them instead of finding a new place for everything. Whether you add mudroom storage with designated bins for shoes, hooks for coats, or baskets for keys, sometimes the intuitive organization works better than trying to sort things out every night. Even when you’re choosing where to put utensils in your kitchen drawers, keep things where you intuitively reach for them. Either way, you’ll know where to look for something because it’s always in the same place

Houseplants Help

As you plan your office and schoolwork space, consider adding houseplants as decorations (they don’t need to be real!). The color green is soothing in any space, and studies prove that simply looking at a plant can boost positivity and concentration. Great reasons to try them!

Wall storage for small spaces

Take your pantry or entryway organization to the next level with wall storage to maximize the space. In a pantry, you might want a weekly calendar for meal planning, with a grocery list and any recipes you’ll be trying. For the entryway, try pouches labeled with each family member’s name, so they don’t forget important documents on their way out the door. However, don’t add things just because they’re available: even with organization, you should keep your tools simple. If your family isn’t going to look at a printed calendar, keep it digital. 

Always be de-cluttering

Every family starts to run out of room on the refrigerator for artwork, papers, and everything kids need for school. Clutter builds up fast, and you need to have a plan for managing it, then, act on it consistently.

One in, one out: when a new piece of artwork or birthday party toy comes home, one gets thrown away or donated. From new dresses to new socks: when you buy something for yourself or your children, donate (or store for hand-me-downs) old clothing that doesn’t fit well or you haven’t worn.

Art Gallery for a Month: Find a wall to display your child’s artwork and hang a poster-sized pin board with a nice frame (paint it gold or white if that’s easiest!). Then, as the month moves along, add favorite pieces to the board to be admired by family members. At the end of the month, everything is taken down to make space for next month’s pieces! Having a plan and an opportunity to really enjoy their projects makes it memorable.

The “Touch It Once” Rule: Exactly like it sounds, this rule means you only touch the mail, the laundry, the dishes, once. Don’t move the pile around the house, or wash dishes throughout the day, choose the time and stick to it. This principle can really control your clutter (and save you time!) if you don’t push it off for too long!

Planning a kitchen renovation?

Maybe your kitchen needs a redesign to make it work for you. Garden State Soapstone, Slate, and Wood carries natural stone countertops that are durable and easy maintenance to simplify your life. Call to schedule a visit to our showroom for samples and inspiration for your project.  

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