Everything You Need to Know About Wood Countertops

Thinking of a wood countertop for your kitchen? Learn about the variety of species and construction types before you visit a showroom. With so many options, you’ll be able to find a style that suits your home, even if you’ve never considered wood before.

Different Styles of Wood Countertops

One reason people love wood countertops is the great variety of options at a great price. You can create a warm and approachable finish in your kitchen, even in a formal space. In addition, the wood can give the appearance of fine furniture with the durability necessary for a kitchen surface. 

Wood Species Variety

With options from Maple to Black Walnut, you can have a countertop in colors that perfectly match your home aesthetic. In addition, you can mix wood with natural stone, like soapstone or slate, within one countertop to create a completely custom look you’ll only find in your home.

Because wood is organic, you’ll find natural variegation even if you choose one type of wood species.

Countertop Construction & Thickness

Construction and thickness depend entirely on your planned use and aesthetics. Flat Grain construction is the standard for wood countertops, available in varying widths for an island or table. These are also available in a variety of thicknesses from 1 5/8”, 2 1/4”, and thicker. Each wood variation may have limitations for widths based on availability.

With Edge Grain, you’ll see the pieces running lengthwise, allowing for a thicker countertop.

Live Edge

Live edge wood slabs are beautiful for custom bar tops, vanity tops, kitchen and dining tables. You can also create a custom coffee table or side table from these slabs. The most common slabs are Mango, Teak, Black Walnut and Monkeypod wood which offer beautiful grain with swirls and streaks for a piece that draws attention in your home, whether in your kitchen or a freestanding piece.

Easy to Customize

You can customize the countertop with edge detailing to meet your style. For sleek, modern homes, you may want the straight edge or even a thicker counter. For more traditional-styled homes, you may like an Ogee or Cove edge.

Fabricating for your exact kitchen dimensions is simple, and wood countertops complement a natural stone for organic, sustainable options in your kitchen.

Finished for Protection

At Garden State Soapstone, our wood countertops have multiple topcoats to keep them protected from moisture. Especially near the sink, you’ll want to apply wood wax or oil to maintain that protect for great-looking countertops for years to come. 

With our high-quality wood and fabricating techniques, maintenance is minimal. You can read more about maintaining wood countertops here.

Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

While you may never have considered wood for your kitchen, you might be surprised by the beautiful contrast and warmth you can bring to a space when you mix stone with a wood island or perimeter countertop. Choose a light maple to pair with dark soapstone or black walnut to combine with white marble. Create a truly unique bar top with a live edge slab on the upper level with a soapstone island counter.

Like soapstone, we believe these wood countertops only look better with age. Call Garden State Soapstone, Slate & Wood to find the highest quality natural wood and stone to perfect your home project. If you’re unsure about a wood countertop, consider a custom dining or side table made with any combination of natural materials.

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October, 2021

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