Staying Cozy Starts with the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home with an oven that creates warmth during winter months. Make your kitchen cozy beyond the holiday season with a few decorating tricks.

Add Seating

You can’t have a cozy kitchen without space for your family and friends to get cozy! Adding seating to your island or turning a corner into a breakfast nook can go a long way in creating coziness beyond the winter months. 

Many families add a dining table to their kitchen to bring people together while someone’s cooking. Everyone wants to be in the kitchen during a party, and this gives them a place to sit and chat about their day with a warm cup of coffee or cocoa.

Eliminate Clutter

Even though you’re warming up your kitchen, that doesn’t need to include more decorations on your counters. Keeping the space clear calms things down so you can stay cozy. Start small and think of manageable ways to organize your space: designated areas for mail, school forms, and meal planning supplies. Committing to putting things away right away will build a habit and keep your kitchen under control.   

Warm Wall Art

Warm-up your space with wall art that won’t contribute to clutter and, even better, make it functional. Hanging baskets or cutting boards on your wall (maybe in that new breakfast nook) adds texture and interest to your space, but you can actually use the pieces when working in the kitchen. You and your family will know exactly where to put the pieces when you need to hang them again, keeping the space more organized.

Seasonal Set-Up

Don’t miss opportunities for seasonal coziness: create a cocoa corner with all the supplies ready whenever someone needs a cup. Your family will be excited to drink a cup of hot chocolate while someone prepares the meal and chat about the day.

Bring in Nature

Another way to add warmth to your kitchen is with fresh, seasonal plants. Including fresh plants doesn’t mean you have to buy flowers at Trader Joe’s every week: you can trim branches off pine trees and put them in a vase. These will look great as a centerpiece on your kitchen table, or keep them next to your sink for you to enjoy while washing dishes. 

Some designers hang wreaths on the cabinets during the holidays, and you can find materials that work for every season if you use neutral ribbons to hang them.

Dark Tiles

Slate and soapstone tiles can be used as a backsplash around the kitchen to warm up the space with dark, bold colors. At Garden State Soapstone, we make custom oven surrounds that look dramatic but inviting. They’re easy to maintain, anti-bacterial, and non-porous, so they’re perfect for the kitchen.


The soapy texture of soapstone adds a cozy element to your kitchen. When finished, the dark color adds warmth. If left unfinished, it will develop the natural patina in frequently used areas over time, highlighting the time spent in your kitchen. Slate, soapstone, and wood keep your space cozy throughout the year. Visit our showroom today to find the perfect elements for your home, whether that’s a new countertop, a custom table, tiling, or more. We can help you build your ideal space with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

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December, 2021

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