The Versatility of Soapstone

Looking for a new kitchen surface that will be durable, easy to maintain, and look beautiful even years after installation? Look no further than soapstone, an all-natural material that should be on the top of your list for countertop considerations. With its rustic appearance and soapy feel, it’s quickly becoming the go-to for renovators and homeowners throughout the country. 

But what makes soapstone so unique and versatile, especially when compared to other materials like quartz, granite, or even marble? We know you need to research the pros and cons before investing in any type of material, so read on to find out more about this versatile natural stone.


Looking for something that isn’t going to take a lot of upkeep to ensure it keeps looking its best? The versatile soapstone doesn’t require yearly sealing: you only need to periodically treat with Soapstone Oil or Soapstone Wax the surface occasionally to maintain the patina, aging, darkening or luster of your soapstone.

Easy to clean: 

Because it is a non-porous and anti-bacterial material, soapstone won’t hold on to germs and doesn’t need harsh chemicals to keep clean. In fact, you only need to use soap and water. So if you enjoy cooking with veggies or even meats and poultry that can be associated with bacteria after handling, rest assured that you can clean your soapstone countertop easily compared to other materials.

Heat resistant:

One reason soapstone is so great when it comes to countertops, or even in places like pizza ovens or outdoor kitchens, is that it is resistant when it comes to both heat and acid. Need to put down a hot pan, fast? You don’t need to worry: you can set it down on the soapstone without damaging it. Or, if you accidentally spill wine or tomato sauce, simply wipe up the spill without fear of it staining or leaving a mark (unlike porous marble).


Even though soapstone is a not as hard as other natural stones, it holds up well in the kitchen because it can be easily maintained and repaired if necessary. At Garden State Soapstone™, we offer only the highest quality soapstone. Even if it does get nicked or dented, it can easily be sanded out with just a little bit of work, making it a very consumer friendly stone.

Amazing aesthetics: 

A natural stone with natural warmth, soapstone comes in a range of greys, greens, and black, often with stunning veining. Without treating with Soapstone Wax or Soapstone Oil, the soapstone will be light grey and will naturally patina as it ages, but when you wax or oil your soapstone regularly, you’ll see the rich color and the contrast of the veining. Soapstone’s naturally occurring patina is well suited for any style home ranging from modern to urban to rustic, with different edging styles to match your home’s aesthetic.

So if you are looking for a natural stone that is low maintenance, resistant to wear, and overall looks great, you should certainly consider soapstone as one of your top options. Want to learn more, or see and choose your own slab of soapstone? We can help you select the perfect soapstone for your space (as well as coordinating marble, slate, or wood!), so contact us to schedule your next visit.

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January, 2022

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