Kitchen Trends For 2022

Design experts and decorators have looked at the upcoming trends and stated that sustainability and usefulness will be a huge part of the decor themes. Colors will play a huge part this year, especially pops of bright color to really bring attention to the space. Meanwhile the pandemic and the growing, changing needs of homeowners has also caused a huge shift in how we work, and cook, in our kitchens. Let us take a look at ten of the hottest kitchen design trends coming our way for 2022!

Trending Kitchen Colors:

The colors for the upcoming year steer clear of the classic white with neutral yet warm tones of peach, creams, and pale pastels. These provide perfect accents to the pops of color provided by bright emeralds, smokey charcoals and deep blues. Cabinets, backsplashes and accents can all serve you well in these colors, especially when combined with silver or black accents.

Accents and Appliances:

Speaking of black making yet another come back, experts say 2022 is the year of the black accent. From backsplashes to appliances, you can’t go wrong when it comes to this sleek color. If you don’t want to go bright or have to change your colors frequently, consider going monochrome in your kitchen. 


Because even more people are working from home and eating out of their kitchens, this space is going to be more necessary than ever before. This means that everything needs to have its own place, and if there are more than one uses for an item, then even better! Hidden storage and a free-flowing walking space will be necessary for up-to-date kitchens in 2022.

Storage Solutions:

Continuing off the last point, unique and practical storage solutions will be key to the kitchen of the new year. The pandemic has made it to where more people are living in one home, meaning the need for proper labeling, making the use of even the tiniest spaces, and inspired storage is essential.

“Chameleon” Kitchen:

One of the biggest kitchen trends of 2022? Kitchens that do NOT look like kitchens! Industry experts recommend swapping upper-level cabinets for other forms of storage and introducing furniture-style pieces to make the kitchen feel more like the rest of the home. 

Mood Lighting:

Flexible lighting, meaning anything from being able to be dimmed to precise color temperature and light intensity, will help control and transform the kitchen. A rising trend is app- or voice-controlled lighting, which allows for light changes from a distance, with traditional dimmers and motion-sensing lights remaining quite popular.

Double Sinks:

Side-by-side sinks are a growing, hotly desired kitchen feature. The reason is they can be used for both food prep and washing dishes in a variety of configurations. Homeowners can decide on size, depth, faucet location, and mounting style, making their sink completely fit their kitchen style. Built in features such as ledges and multiple faucets are great for added productivity.

Color and Patterned Tiles:

If you have been looking for a way to revamp and update your kitchen’s look, maybe it’s time to look down instead of up. The floor does not have to be dull anymore, not when floor tiles can be laid down quickly and easily in beautiful colors and patterns.

Natural Stone:

Natural stone continues to be a popular choice in kitchens. Slabs of stone are here to stay as a natural, timeless, easy to clean material that can be used not just in the kitchen but throughout the house. 

Double The Island:

If you have the room, experts say the addition of a second island can allow for more space for both dining and food prep. With the kitchen being used more often by more people, this extra workable space can really help out. More counterspace never hurts!

2022 is all about continuing the design momentum of the last year, emphasizing the growth of the kitchen’s usage and how it has become even more integral to daily life. Upgraded technology, beautiful backsplashes, integrated storage and rich colors are going to be the goal of any update. We look forward to seeing how you will integrate these ten trends into your kitchen!

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