6 Things to Consider With Your Next Bathroom Design

Bathroom renovations are one of the great ways to increase your home value if you’re getting ready to sell, or to make your home life more enjoyable. This is because bathrooms are widely utilized places, and with the appropriate design, it can be transformed into a spa-like refuge.

You’ll want to combine beauty, functionality, and originality into your bathroom renovation to get the most out of it. Working with a designer and remodeling professional can help you achieve this goal. Here are six bathroom upgrades to consider to get you thinking about some of the most critical aspects of your redesign.

Update Your Lighting

Lighting is crucial in every area, especially in a bathroom. More light in a small bathroom can help it appear larger, but a powder room with lower light can keep things cozy. If this is your primary bathroom or a full bathroom, you’ll want bright lights around the mirror and in the shower, not only for visibility when putting on makeup, but also for safety reasons.

Unique Storage

Don’t forget to consider storage in your bathroom, because you’d be surprised how many supplies you want to store in  the space and without proper cabinetry, the space can quickly look cluttered. The obvious solutions are vanity cabinets, linen closets, and medicine cabinets. You can also add small shelves over the toilet if floor space is limited, and maybe a floating cabinet in this location, as well, to hide cleaning supplies or refills if necessary.

Find the Bathtub That Fits

A bathtub isn’t always required, but if you only have one bathroom, or your primary bathroom has a shower, you’ll need to add a tub somewhere. But not every bathroom needs a luxury soaking tub (although they’re wonderful if you have the space). Going with a smaller tub may leave room for a linen closet or additional counterspace. Don’t forget that they also require less water to fill and are easier to clean. The way you use your tub should be the primary consideration.

Carefully Choose Materials

Bathroom countertops, like bathroom fixtures, come in various styles and colors. It’s critical to balance aesthetics and utility when choosing a countertop material. Natural stone countertops, for example, are available in many different colors and are far more durable than other options. Laminate countertops are cheap but can lower resale value (since the new homeowner will likely replace it). Other materials may melt under hair tools. Consider more than just the price when you’re renovating.

Look for Efficient, Low-Flow Options

Before purchasing a showerhead or faucet based purely on the color finish, consider choices that have a lower flow: they’ll save you money in the long run through your water bill. A low-flow toilet is also an excellent option to explore. Every time you flush, these models save water. They are a wise investment that will save you money on your water bill and raise the value of your home as more buyers look for these environmentally-conscious choices.

Ventilate The Room

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, ventilation isn’t the most thrilling aspect. But a poorly ventilated bathroom can cause much larger problems than foggy mirrors, and a bathroom vent fan is a helpful feature, even if it isn’t required by code. The vent takes moisture and odors out of the area, improving the air quality, and also prevents the growth of mold and mildew. Plus, unlike a bathroom window, which you may not want to open during cold or inclement weather, you can use it all year.

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April, 2022

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