Soapstone Sinks for Your Laundry Room

For most people, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about soapstone applications is kitchen counters or even being used as a bathroom vanity top. However, soapstone is so adaptable that it can revitalize almost every room in your house, including your laundry room!

You may not realize it, but soapstone is excellent for any laundry room sinks, countertops, and more. So let’s take a look at what makes soapstone such a great choice and how you might be able to incorporate it into your own laundry room design!

Resists Chemicals

First off, soapstone in and of itself is chemically inert, so you won’t have to worry if you accidentally pour any household cleaners on it. The chemicals won’t penetrate the stone. Unlike plastics or engineered stone, you don’t need to worry too much about spilling bleach or detergent on this stone. Additionally, it cleans up quickly and easily, so muddy or dirty clothes staining the stone won’t be a problem. If you have ever had the issue of mud sinking into the cracks of a plastic sink or grouted countertop, you know the difference this will make.

The durability of a Soapstone Sink

The durability of soapstone is another one of its most significant advantages. Items built out of soapstone, such as sinks, tiles, and stoves, have lasted since the 1800s! That means that sinks or countertops made out of this stone will easily stay in your laundry room for the life of their use. You don’t have to worry about the heat and humidity of the laundry room getting to your stone and making it crack or warp. Scuffs and scrapes can be easily buffed out if you want. Wood won’t stand up that well in the dampness and heat of most laundry rooms, and many plastic options will easily be scuffed or scraped by laundry baskets or buckles sliding across their surface. Soapstone is easy to maintain and quickly looks as good as new with application of our Soapstone Wax or Oil.

Heat absorbent and resistant

Another significant advantage of soapstone countertops in a laundry room is that the stone resists high heat. Is your ironing board not large enough for the job? You can iron directly on the stone without worrying about cracking or warping. 

Customizing Your Soapstone Sink

Because soapstone is so easy to cut and comes in various slab sizes, this stone is easy to use no matter how big, small, or uniquely shaped your space is. Even if your area is a bit odd in size, fabricators can easily create a sink or countertop to match. In addition, soapstone will make a dramatic statement for your laundry room, making it more luxurious when you spend (too) many hours in the space!

Furthermore, soapstone ages and patinas over time, meaning that you’ll get an even better look as the days and years go on. The more wear and tear that soapstone goes through, the more appeal it becomes – especially for those homes with a rustic, farmhouse style.

Renovating your laundry room allows you to make it look more like an extension of your living space rather than a dreary, utilitarian appendage. Neat, tidy equipment or fixtures can be a great addition to the overall look and effect of the room. For example, a soapstone laundry tub is not only more beautiful but also studier than the typical plastic laundry sink. Simply account for the weight differential that soapstone can add compared to wood or plastic, and you’ll be set to go for years!

Are you interested in trying out a soapstone sink in your laundry room, or do you want to learn more about soapstone and its uses? Schedule a visit to the Garden State Soapstone showroom and start dreaming of your renovations!

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May, 2022

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