Don’t Miss These 9 Elements in Your Bathroom Renovation

Are you planning a bathroom renovation? Don’t overlook these nine elements to create a space that you’ll love year after year, even as trends change.

#1: Good Lighting

Lighting is arguably the most important factor in any space, especially the bathroom. If you are getting ready for the day in your bathroom, you want light that mimics great natural light with correctly placed fixtures.

If you only have an overhead light, you’ll have shadows on your face. Ideally, you would have one overhead light in the center, one over the shower (it gets dark behind the shower curtain!), and two on either side of the mirror to give direct light on your face. However, many homeowners place the fixture over the mirror or medicine cabinet, which can work if you use the proper brightness.

#2: Find More Storage

You may need to get pretty creative with storage if you have a small bathroom. Whether you put a shelf over the door, add cabinets to the walls, or put a cart under the sink, there are many options for storage.

To help the space look larger, keep the floor clear: shelving or cabinets works well in this case. If you want to hide storage, try decorative baskets closer to home décor than bathroom storage. This gives the design intentionality and coziness. 

#3: Shower Bench

Shower benches have become a popular feature for their functionality and styling options. Some homeowners have them installed early on, knowing they might need the bench as they age, but still looking for an option that looks great.

For large shower areas, a bench becomes an accent feature. While you can easily find teak benches, we recommend soapstone or slate. Both are naturally anti-bacterial and non-porous, so they work well in showers. Depending on the tile styles in your shower, a stone shower bench makes the space more cohesive when compared with a teak bench added later.

#4: Use Energy-Efficient Fixtures

There’s no excuse to use a less sustainable option with the many energy-efficient options available. From low-flow shower heads and faucets to LED bulbs, a bathroom renovation gives you the opportunity to lower your home’s energy and water usage.

#5 Artwork

Look at any well-designed bathroom, and you’ll see art on the walls. Sometimes this could be a large wallpaper mural on an accent wall, but the look is easier to achieve with some frames and art you find at a vintage market. Choose pieces that coordinate well with your home’s aesthetic overall, but some designers suggest water paintings or more peaceful scenes to create the spa feeling.

#6 Basin or Pedestal Sinks

Sinks and vanities are a fun place to get creative in your bathroom remodel. If you have room for a basin sink on a vanity, you’ll instantly make the room more luxurious. Pedestal sinks are often chosen for powder rooms that don’t require storage, but you might need one if you have a smaller bathroom and need more floor space. Fortunately, pedestal sinks come in various beautiful, elegant designs to match your style.

At Garden State Soapstone, we build custom sinks, from basins to floating vanities. The dark stone complements the classic white tiles and vanities in many bathroom designs.

#7 Plants

Similar to art, plants make your bathroom cozier and more intentional. The only problem is lighting.

Live plants do need natural light from a window to stay green. If you have a window, live plants might thrive in the bathroom. But most homes do not have a window in their bathroom, so don’t be afraid to go with a fake plan to add some greenery. Dried eucalyptus hanging from the shower head also provides a spa-like atmosphere.

#8 Radiant Flooring

Don’t overlook this option when you’re renovating your bathroom. Radiant flooring makes a big difference on cold winter mornings. Tile floors in the bathroom make this option particularly accessible. We also recommend soapstone or slate tiles since this natural stone will retain heat well, staying warmer longer. Soapstone also has a soft texture that feels great on your feet.

#9 Classic Tiles with Trending Accessories

However you choose to renovate your bathroom, we suggest using classic tile and then updating the look with trendier accessories. Your bathroom renovation is a significant investment, and you don’t want to be stuck with a design you’ll need to change in a few years. 

Soapstone and slate tiles stand the test of time. Their dark colors coordinate with most design styles, from rustic to modern, making them a great option as you plan for the future of your home.

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, contact Garden State Soapstone to walk through our showroom and learn more about our custom options for your project.

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November, 2022

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