Designing a Custom Table

With the holidays upon us, you may have realized that you need a different dining plan next year. Maybe you have a vision for a holiday dinner party that represents your style. Maybe you want to build a collection of furniture to pass on to your children – and you want to make sure you’re passing on a table that will look good in any space.

Or maybe you just want a table that fits your family members without looking like it came from a barn.

Finding the right custom table for your space may seem daunting, but here are a few options to get you dreaming.

Mixed Materials

If you’re going to have a custom-made table, mixing materials is the best way to ensure it stands out in your space. For our projects, we see a lot of wood and soapstone or slate combinations which have a practical aspect for serving, as well.

Because soapstone and slate are heat resistant, you can put hot platters right on the table on the stone portion without worrying about any damage to the material.

Then the edges of the table can be the warm texture of a wood table you love.

You’ll barely need to decorate because the contrasting materials look beautiful on their own, with the stone acting as a natural runner highlighting the food. The best part? Cleaning up after a party is easy: you don’t have to worry about staining a tablecloth or runner. 

Many clients will decorate with seasonal flowers, napkins, or garlands to keep the table itself as the focal point while keeping the space festive.

Live-edge Wood

Live-edge wood tables are a trend that will stand the test of time. Depending on the rest of the home’s styling, they can look rustic or modern and catch the eye with the irregular edging and organic details.

Different types of wood can be used depending on your color preferences and the grain pattern you want. We love a wood table with a sleek steel base that creates an inviting space without turning leaning to a farmhouse style.

Custom Bases

When you have a soapstone or slate custom table, you’ll need a sturdy base to support it. Remember, these are typically countertops supported by many cabinets. For the stone or wood-stone combinations, we recommend a steel base.

Most customers go for a sleek modern base, but you can really choose from several different design options. Sometimes it’s different thickness steel legs, steel frame painted or powder-coated for added protection, or other color options available. Whatever you choose, you can be sure no one else in the neighborhood has the design.

Custom Benches

If you’re custom designing your table, you might add one or two custom benches. These are beautiful in live-edge wood, too, or a waterfall edge to display beautiful wood grain from every angle. We’ve also had soapstone tabletops with wooden legs with coordinating wooden benches in the same cut.

Some homeowners like a bench on one side of the table and individual chairs on the other to make seating more accessible for guests. We can even make individual stools for your table.

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to these details.

Different Styles

Custom wood or stone tables outlast the trends because of their natural details. While you can add stylistic elements to match your preferences, the materials themselves help keep them classic. The live-edge is an upscale take on rustic that softens a modern-style home or elevates a more traditional space.

When you choose a style that closely mimics nature around you, it will always be in style.

Outdoor tables

Many families choose a custom slate or soapstone table for their outdoor spaces since it stands up to the elements and is easy to keep clean. Just like we say for outdoor countertops, soapstone doesn’t even need to be covered in the winter because it doesn’t crack in the cold. 

If you’re ready to upgrade your dining room or outdoor patio, consider a custom wood and stone table. We have all the inspiration you need at our showroom. Call us today to start planning.

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December, 2022

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