2023: Colors of the Year

2023 will be the year of pink, with several top brands choosing surprising variations of the color from all ends of the spectrum. Of course, the color of the year doesn’t mean you change all the décor in your home to match. These color trends just show what will be popular in fashion and home design this year.

Last year, Pantone’s color was Veri Peri (periwinkle), and we saw purple in everything from the summer nail polish trends to floral duvet covers. By the end of 2023, you might be surprised by how much magenta shows up in your favorite things.

Pantone: Viva Magenta

Viva Magenta is a red-pink, originating in nature as a contrast to our highly technological time. The color “vibrates with vim and vigor” and “revels in pure joy.” Because Viva Magenta is a red, the color works well with most skin tones, anticipating popularity in fashion from accessories to power suits.

To use the bold color in your home, you might consider a bright couch or wall. However, it can serve as an accessory to a neutral space through flower arrangements and art.

Sherwin Williams: Redend Point

Moving to the other end of the spectrum, Sherwin Williams chose the blush-beige Redend Point as its Color of the Year. They suggested this as a minimal, calm color to promote connection. Sherwin Williams also found inspiration from nature in the sand and canyon reds. 

“We’ve been seeing neutrals warming up,” according to Sue Wadden at Sherwin Williams. The importance of connections in empathetic, warm spaces drove Sherwin Williams to this soft shade.  

Benjamin Moore: Raspberry Blush

Back to bold, Benjamin Moore chose Raspberry Blush, a red-orange that brings another natural shade into home décor trends. However, Benjamin Moore focused on the electric optimism of the color and bold statement you make in your home.

While most homeowners won’t be painting their walls Raspberry Blush, a bright door or powder room accent may be enough to keep your home trendy but inviting.

Behr: Blank Canvas

While other brands see warmth and boldness, Behr presented Blank Canvas. This white does lean towards a warm neutral that lets a bold pink or red stand out as an accessory. Behr believes this is a great option for any homeowner or painter who wants a go-to white in their home.

Behr also points to research that white is still the highest-selling paint color, and many people want a white, calming space to return to at the end of the day. With Blank Canvas, you’ll have a starting point when you approach the paint chip wall. 

Glidden: Vining Ivy

Another natural, bold color, Vining Ivy is a blue-green you can use in any space. As homeowners seek to simplify, this serene color makes painting a simple decision. Because of the earthy tones, it does pair well with the Viva Magenta, Redend Point, and Raspberry Blush spectrum while making a statement on its own.

When paired with white and gold, Vining Ivy appears lux and jewel-toned. In contrast, the blue-green turns cozy with rattan or leather furnishings. They’ve also noticed a trend in blue-painted kitchen cabinets (we’ve seen it at Garden State Soapstone, too!), and this blue makes a great choice.  

What’s your color for 2023?

Whether you like reds or blues, the future is colorful. After the early 2000s were spent painting our homes all white, earthy colors bring in some personal style while remaining timeless. We’re looking for cozier, warm spaces for connection, and these colors make the perfect backdrop.

A few more paint brands have chosen their color (yes, more reds are on the list), and you can find them all in this post by Better Homes & Gardens.

If you’re already planning a remodel, Garden State Soapstone has high quality soapstone that brings warmth and earth into your spaces. Call us today to schedule a tour of the showroom and see the options.

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