Decorating and Organizing Your Kitchen Counter

If you’re like most people, your kitchen countertops are a constant source of clutter and disorganization. But it doesn’t have to be that way – with just a few simple tips, you can organize and decorate your kitchen countertop while still keeping things neat and clean. Here are some ideas to get started: 

Clear Everything

Start by taking everything off your counters and cleaning them thoroughly. This will give you the clean slate (maybe literally!) you need to place things back on your counter.

When you’re cleaning, you may notice areas that are neglected in your normal routine because you have too much out on your counter. Keep that in mind as you choose what goes back on the counter: the fewer items left out, the easier it is to clean. By organizing the chaos, you’ll be able to clean better in the future.

Start Organizing

Next, you’ll need to sort the clutter from the necessities. Do you have appliances that you use all every day? Those should stay out. Maybe specific utensils you’re always looking for could be stored in a canister for easy access or hung on the back wall.

Find space in the cabinets for the appliances you don’t use, then sort those by order of use: maybe you use the hand mixer once a week and your bread maker once a month: the bread maker should go further back in the cabinet. 

Choosing Storage Containers

Now that you know what needs to stay on your counters, you could invest in some stylish storage containers such as baskets or jars for food items like snacks, flour, sugar etc., which can easily be stored on the counters without taking up too much room but still look great. This is also an excellent way to keep things organized while adding some decorative flair at the same time. 

Also, consider the clutter that sneaks onto the counter throughout the week, and plan space for them. Do you have a mail pile that gets out of control? Or a stash of items that go between your car and home, like water bottles or coffee mugs? Plan ahead to create space that looks good and brings order to your day.

Before you go out and buy all new pieces, shop around your home first. You may already have the baskets you need in another room.

Hide the Cords

Another thing to consider is hiding the cords on your counter, which will help you feel more peaceful when you look in your kitchen. Even if it’s something like keeping your phones and chargers in a basket to contain the clutter, you’ll have some extra brain space for the important things.

You can easily find platforms that tuck cords underneath or ties to wrap cords neatly.

Every element of order makes it easier to focus on what matters and keep your space clean.


Now that your space is perfectly organized, you may not want to add any decorations because they could become additional clutter. A few things to consider instead: live plants that add to the aesthetic, a vase of flowers that you refresh each week, a beautiful calendar or meal planning “menu” on display, and a space to display your favorite cookbooks.

If a kitchen renovation is in your plans for the new year, contact Garden State Soapstone, Slate & Wood to choose high-quality countertops, tiles, and custom sinks to make your space the kitchen of your dreams.

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March, 2023

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