Types of Wood for Kitchen Countertops

Today we’re talking about wood species for kitchen countertops. There are so many options out there, but we’ll share the five popular types offered at Garden State Soapstone, Slate, & Wood Countertops: Granadillo, Mango, Teak, Monkeypod, and Black Walnut. Each type has its own unique characteristics that can help you create a beautiful and practical kitchen space. 


Granadillo is a hardwood with an attractive grain pattern that ranges from dark brown to beautiful golden tones, adding warmth and character to any space. It has a medium hardness rating, so it’s durable enough to resist the scratches or dents of a busy kitchen. Granadillo also has natural antibacterial properties, which helps keep your kitchen hygienic too! 


Mango is another great choice as it offers both strength and beauty due to its tight grain structure combined with warm tones ranging from golden yellow through deep red-browns, adding an exotic touch and sophistication to your home décor. Its high hardness rating ensures longevity even when exposed to heavy wear-and-tear from everyday use in the kitchen or elsewhere throughout your home or office space. 


Teak is probably one of the best-known woods when it comes to furniture making and it never goes out of style, thanks largely due its durability even after years of use. It’s classic yet modern all at once! Teak also looks stunning with warm golden hues punctuated by darker streaks throughout the wood’s surface, giving each piece an individual look and feel unlike any other material available. The warm brown coloration pairs perfectly with almost any color scheme making this option truly timeless no matter what trends come along down the line. Plus, teak has a very high durability factor making sure whatever design you choose will last through years of regular usage without showing signs of wear too soon!  


Monkeypod offers up an interesting twist on traditional wooden surfaces – its swirling grains create intricate designs reminiscent more of art than anything else! This type also boasts excellent resistance against water damage as well as heat which makes them ideal for use as kitchen countertops in your home.

Black Walnut 

Finally, Black Walnut adds a touch of class wherever placed with its beautiful dark coloring bringing something special to the room while providing excellent resistance against wear. The wood species is especially suited towards high-traffic areas like kitchens where spills may occur frequently yet still clean up easily afterward without fear of damage. 

If you’re looking for a wood countertop in your kitchen, deciding between these top five choices can be a challenge. Each offers something different in coloring that can make a statement, while offering durability and water resistance with the right maintenance. 

Visit the showroom at Garden State Soapstone, Slate, & Wood Countertops to see all the options and learn which would work best for your kitchen. They also mix and match well depending on your needs: we often see a soapstone or slate surround with a wood counter on the island. We have all the inspiration and information you need to make the best decision. Call us today to learn more.

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March, 2023

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