Patio & Backyard Gardening

You don’t need a bunch of garden beds and a greenhouse to build a garden for flowers or vegetables. Enjoy fresh produce grown with your own hands and flower arrangements on your dining table, all with patio garden planters. 

Container flowers for cutting and enjoying

If you’re looking to grow a cutting garden from containers instead of flower beds, you still have plenty of colorful options.

Zinnias and Cosmos are popular favorites that come in all colors of the rainbow, but they do require full sun. Snapdragons are tall and add height to your outdoor containers and indoor vases once cut. However, these also need full sun.

If you have some large trees and shade over your patio, try Bleeding Hearts and Coleus to add to your arrangements.

You may just want to surround your patio with some colorful blooms. In that case, you can’t go wrong with classic Geraniums, Petunias, Pansies, or Begonias. There are many annual options to pick from to decorate your outdoor space.

Growing fruits and vegetables in containers

If you’ve ever investigated gardening, you know that tomatoes, strawberries, and basil are very popular container plants. Other favorites include peppers and lettuce varieties. Many people have success growing these in something as simple as a five-gallon bucket from a hardware store, but you can also choose beautiful containers so your vegetables have both form and function.

We love the idea of growing your own fruits and vegetables when you have an outdoor kitchen, because there’s nothing fresher than picking your lettuce and tomatoes, rinsing them in your outdoor sink, and serving the salad without even going inside. 

Even grilling the peppers or topping a pizza with your fresh produce is special when it comes from your own garden. You might think that this only works if you spend hours of labor building those garden beds, but it’s all still possible with container plants.

Check that your containers will drain well and learn how often you should be watering each plant, so that you get the maximum reward for your work.

Soften an outdoor space with landscaping

Decks and patios can look bare and feel exposed to the sun without considering your landscaping. Lining the edges of your patio with gardens and shrubs can provide a safe barrier from tripping, as well as add interest. Include a pergola with a climbing plant or a trellis along the back wall of your house to make use of vertical space.

Watch out for trees with extensive root systems, so you don’t end up planting something that will cause problems for your walkways and tile.

Enjoy Your Backyard this Summer

Expanding your living space into the backyard with a patio or an outdoor kitchen can make all the difference in how much you enjoy your home. Build an oasis with fresh flowers and vegetables while leaving enough space for your pets and children to play.

If you’re ready to design the backyard space of your dreams, call Garden State Soapstone & Slate for custom tile, countertops, sinks, and more. With high-quality stone and craftsmanship, you’ll create an easy-to-maintain space you’ll look forward to every year.

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May, 2023

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