2024 Colors of the Year

As the design world looks forward to the trends of the upcoming year, we love to see the different colors each brand decides on. They observe the rising trends across focus areas and predict what we’ll see again and again throughout the year. Here are a few of our favorites: Pantone, Benjamin Moore, Behr, and Sherwin Williams.

Pantone Color of the Year: Peach Fuzz

Pantone sets the tone for 2024 with the enchanting Peach Fuzz, a hue that transcends traditional color boundaries. Pantone explains, “Peach Fuzz is a heartfelt peach hue bringing a feeling of kindness and tenderness, communicating a message of caring and sharing, community and collaboration.” 

The Pantone team emphasizes the importance of “community and coming together” with this warm shade.

“Introducing soft and cozy Peach Fuzz into home interiors creates a welcoming ambiance. Promoting feelings of gentle warmth whether appearing on a painted wall, in home décor or acting as an accent within a pattern, Peach Fuzz infuses our most personalized worlds with a comforting presence.”

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year: Blue Nova

Benjamin Moore takes us on a journey of inspiration with Blue Nova. This mid-tone blue captures attention with its endless classic appeal. Described as a color that “elevates the everyday and expands horizons,” Blue Nova balances depth and intrigue with an undercurrent of reassurance. This timeless shade will inspire creativity and add a touch of sophistication to any space. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for those looking to infuse a sense of intrigue and comfort into their home interiors.

Benjamin Moore released a color palette to accompany Blue Nova, stating, “The Color Trends 2024 palette tells a story of duality – juxtaposing light against dark, warm and cool, showcasing complementary and contrasting color pairings. These contrasts invite us to break away from the ordinary to explore new places and collect color memories that shape the hues used in our homes.”

Behr Color of the Year: Cracked Pepper

Behr presents Cracked Pepper as its Color of the Year for 2024, a soft black that stands the test of time. The Home Depot’s director of trend and design, Sarah Fishburne, notes, “It’s an anchor color that doesn’t have to be reinvented.”

Cracked Pepper provides a stable foundation for interior and exterior design styles. Its timeless appeal makes it a versatile choice for creating a sophisticated and grounded atmosphere in any home.

Sherwin Williams Color of the Year: Upward

Sherwin Williams introduces Upward, a breezy and blissful shade of blue that evokes a sense of peace and tranquility. Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, describes Upward as representing “gentle forward momentum in all of our lives.” This light and buoyant hue invites a notion of contentment and ease, encouraging individuals to pause and infuse a sense of tranquility into their spaces.

Proving that this color goes beyond home paint colors, Sherwin Williams partnered with French pastry chef Dominique Ansel to create a limited-edition vegan Cronut® infused with a Butterfly Pea Flower Tea.

The Sherwin Williams team states, “This vibrantly-hued Southeast Asian flower, when gently steeped as a tea, mirrors the shade and spirit of Upward. With a natural touch of this blue botanical and a hand-glazed fondant topping, the custom pastry invites a blissful sense of wellbeing (and a hint of sweetness) into the day.”

Using 2024 Colors of the Year in Your Own Home

Now that we’ve explored the Colors of the Year for 2024, it’s time to consider how to incorporate these hues into your own home. Whether you’re drawn to the comforting warmth of Peach Fuzz, the timeless elegance of Blue Nova, the soft richness of Cracked Pepper, or the tranquil bliss of Upward, each color offers a unique opportunity to transform your living spaces.

Colors like Peach Fuzz and Upward may work better as accent pieces in your home through pillows, blankets, and accessories. While Cracked Pepper and Blue Nova can take a more dominant position in your home on interior and exterior walls or design features.

Remember, if you truly love a color and the feeling it brings into your home, then “trends” should not matter. Make your home the space you love.

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