Can you use wood countertops in bathrooms? Yes!

You’ve probably considered wood countertops in the kitchen, but the thought never crossed your mind to include them for a bathroom renovation. In fact, they can add warmth and contrast to a traditionally white and bright space. Find out why a wood countertop might be the best option for your bathroom renovation.

Adding Warmth to Your Bathroom Retreat:

Wood countertops bring warmth and coziness to every space, but many times, you only think of stone in a bathroom space. If you want to make a relaxing, organic spa-like bathroom, a natural material like wood will contribute to that feeling.

Maintenance for Wood Countertops in Bathrooms

Before we explain how wood countertops suit many bathroom styles and aesthetics, let’s talk about the maintenance required to keep them looking great for decades. Fortunately, it won’t be too much work if you treat spills immediately.

Initial Treatment: Your fabricator and installer will apply the initial treatment to your wood countertop so it will be water-resistant and protected from the humidity in your bathroom. We always recommend The Original Wood Wax™ or Rubio Monocoat, Pure.

Regular Cleaning: Like any bathroom surface, your wood countertop will need to be wiped down regularly. Because of the wood treatment applied, you shouldn’t worry about damaging the surface during routine cleaning (just like cleaning a wood countertop in a kitchen)!

Wipe-Off Spills: If a spill does occur or there is standing water for any reason on the countertop, be sure to wipe it up. 

Avoid Harsh Cleaners: Cleaning with mild soap and warm water vinegar mix for the Original Wood Wax™ or Rubio Monocoat Surface Care works well.

Applying Wood Oil or Wax: We recommend reapplying wood oil or wax for regular maintenance.

Style Options for Wood Countertops in Bathrooms:

Wood countertops are surprisingly adaptable to different styles. They can bring warmth to a sleek space, match the feel of a rustic cabin in the woods, fit in small powder rooms as free-standing vanities, and make a statement with live-edge pieces. 

Wood Countertops as a Minimalistic Contrast with Tile

If you’ve been considering a minimal style for your bathroom, the wood countertop would warm the space without the clutter of towels and decorative objects. Even if you choose white or marble tile on walls, floors, and showers, natural wood countertops bring a strong contrast without adding another type of stone. 

Make a Statement with Live Edge Slabs:

Live edge wood countertops, with their natural edges preserved, are a statement piece that brings the outdoors inside. Live-edge wood countertops blend right into rustic-style bathrooms but stand out perfectly against a dark, modern aesthetic. In bathrooms, these countertops become functional art, blending the beauty of nature and the functionality of daily living. 

Free-Standing Counters for Flexibility:

For a bathroom requiring flexibility and efficiency, consider free-standing wood countertops. When you build a custom, free-standing vanity and wood countertop, you ensure it matches the dimensions you need for a tight space without compromising style. From a floating vanity to a standalone sink counter, the flexibility of free-standing wood counters allows you to tailor your bathroom layout to your specific needs.

Are Wood Countertops Next for Your Bathroom?

While many people strive for a bright white bathroom, make your space cozy and warm with wood countertops. They make a surprising and exciting contrast to traditional tiling and add interest to any space. Check out your many options by visiting the showroom at Garden State Soapstone, Slate, and Wood Countertops. Our selection of wood species and high-quality craftsmanship will make your new bathroom beautiful.

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February, 2024

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